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"the birth of nerv" ("nerv, tanjou") is the twenty-first episode of the anime series neon genesis evangelion (shin seiki evangelion). its american name (as given by gainax) is "he was aware that he was still a child." this is a pretty interesting episode, and differently to the rest of evangelion it's not full of gory scenes, insanely psychological drama or even humor. instead, it's an intrigue-filled episode. the main point is that vice-commander fuyutsuki is kidnapped by seele because they want to deal with him (more like force their wishes upon nerv through him) instead of going to commander ikari. back at nerv, section 2 suspects kaji as the culprit behind the kidnapping, and so they take misato into custody because of her link to him. in the end kaji gets the vice-commander out of seele's grasp but he is still killed in the end, leaving a heart-wrenching message on misato's answering machine back home.

i think what's more important about this episode, though, is that we finally learn the backstory of nerv, how it came to be born, and why it is what it is today. vice-commander fuyutsuki reminisces about yui and gendo ikari... we learn how she was a student of his at the university, they were very close. gendo was a truant, but yui saw another side of him, apparently, and so they got married (it really makes me think that she was kinda crazy herself, she didn't come across as the sweet, loving woman the fandom has made her to be. she had a dark side, i think. she's not as bad as gendo is, though). fuyutsuki-sensei found out about all the bioengineering experiments they were doing with adam in secret, and confronted them, but they invited him to work with them at gehirn, the predecessor of nerv. ritsuko, on the other hand, reminisces about her mother. we get to see how naoko was when she was building the magi, the relationship she had with her daughter, and her illicit affair with gendo... we see through her eyes yui ikari's accident during the activation procedure. and we learn that after that, gendo found her useless and that's why she was killed. ritsuko also thinks about misato, how she was a nice person who talked too much, and was addicted to kaji when back in college. we get a little glimpse into those three's relationship, and when ritsuko came to work for gehirn, too, and took over her mother's position when she died.

i like this episode because of that, because we finally get some answers. also, because we get to see baby!shinji (who is the cutest thing!), and baby!rei, aka rei I (who is the creepiest thing since the birth of chucky...), and my god, i think everybody cries when misato hears kaji's message on her machine. it is so sad. this is such a great episode!

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this site was created by carla, and is part of the mighty network (*nudgenudge* please visit! ^.~ *nudgenudge*). it's done in div layers, especially for 1024x760 resolution. the title comes from a line gendo says to fuyutsuki in the episode... he actually says "a new future for mankind", but i think it was the birth, the beginning of the evangelion saga, so i changed it around.


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