name : carla isabel pinilla ducreux (you say it this way: "ducre", with an accent on the e... yes, it's french)
aka : carla, cali-chan, cali, calita
gender : fem
age : 22
zodiac : pisces
chinese : ox
eyes : dark brown
hair : dark brown, shoulder length... now it's dyed deep red
shoe size : 5 - 5 1/2 female size
height : less than 5' _
heritage : spanish & french
country : panama
languages : spanish, english, i'm pretty good with french, i know a few words/phrases in japanese and german, and one lonely phrase in portuguese: "por favor, voce podeme dar un copo de agua?" =^_^=
status : single and accepting prospects ^.^
ideal man : tall, pale, clear eyes, dark straight-ish hair (preferrably dark brown or black), smart, has his own style (doesn't have to be elegant, just unique), creative, with a good sense of humor (he has to make me laugh, though it isn't so hard ^^;;;), he has to like reading and as a bonus it'd be nice if he spoke french...
pet : none currently, but i've had dogs, fish, chicken, birds and tamagotchis ^_^
allergies : i'm allergic mostly to cats, dogs, horses, sheep, all kinds of feathers, pollen, dust, strong smells, humidity, too much heat, certain medicines...
major : chemical engineering
dream : to study in paris, work at NASA, be a famous/well-known writer... so that everybody knows my name, and my books be translated to 500 languages, in every color, flavor, design and style... and win the nobel prize
idols : jesus, neil armstrong, albert einstein, friederich nietzche, sigmund freud, tino martinez, zinedine zidane


moment : a sunny day in the beach, sitting on a rock, with my headphones on and reading a good book
name : boys' - kenji, christopher, jean baptiste o jean jacques; girls' - rei, vanessa, hana
subject : natural science, literature, universal history, philosophy, physics, chemistry
day : thursday, friday, saturday
number : 7 & 11
letter : c (^_^), s & r
word/phrase (mostly in spanish) : conchole, chuleta, miercole, hola (plop!), que divertido, me choca, ayala bestia, felicidades (totales, internacionales, universales), eso esta bien, es (fue) muy triste, fue horrible, mala suerte, quien te manda, dammit, shit, weeeeee
videogame : ff8, 10, 10-2, and anything made by squaresoft (square-enix), mario kart, anything zelda, anything mortal kombat, and pokemon snap (yeah, i like it, so what?!?!?!?!)

videogame characters : link (*.*), squall (*.*), any and all the ff8 boys, rikku, sub-zero, raiden
manga : ah! my goddess, fullmetal alchemist, bleach, card captor sakura, naruto...
anime : in no particular order-- saint seiya, rurouni kenshin, sailor moon, goleadores (i've no idea what the name is in japanese), dragon ball, ranma 1/2, pokemon, digimon (1, 2 & frontier), ah! my goddess, neon genesis evangelion, magic knights rayearth, card captor sakura, bleach, meitantei conan, slam dunk, tonde buurin, shaman king, gundam wing, naruto, akihabara dennou gumi, cowboy bebop, eureka 7, fullmetal alchemist, samurai champloo, s-cry-ed, slayers, tsubasa chronicle
anime/manga characters : sanosuke & enishi (rk), ascot & umi (mkr), ryouga & mousse (r1/2), piccolo & vegeta (dbz), rei & michiru (sm), siegfried & julian solo (sts), shigeru (pkmn), yamato, takeru & jyou (dgmn), keiichi & skuld (amg), shinji & asuka (eva), icaro (goleadores), syaoran, eriol & yukito (ccs & trc), heiji y conan (mcon), rukawa (sd), karin & kouichi (tb), faust, yoh, horo-horo & anna (sk), duo, quatre (gw), jin (sc), hughes (fma), ishida, hitsugaya & shuuhei (bleach), neji, shikamaru & sasuke (naruto), spike, faye & ed (cb), xelloss & gourry (slayers)
movie : men in black, independence day, man in the iron mask, now & then, merlin, matrix, the lion king, the sixth sense, anastasia, mononoke hime, finding nemo, hercules, mulan, tarzan, the land before time I, the prince of egypt, titan AE, toy story, spirited away, lancelot: first knight, little women, you've got mail, 10 things i hate about you, 40 days & 40 nights, a knight's tale, a walk to remember, air force one, amelie, american pie, back to the future, batman begins, bend it like beckham, clue, clueless, con air, coyote ugly, cruel intentions, the edukators, ET, elf, ever after, finding neverland, from hell, goodbye lenin!, half nelson, high school musical, how to lose a guy in 10 days, indiana jones, josie & the pussycats, just married, king arthur, legally blonde, little miss sunshine, love actually, miss congeniality, my girl, newsies, ocean's 11, pirates of the caribbean I&III, practical magic, remember the titans, say anything, scooby doo II, signs, space jam, spaceballs, stand by me, star wars, the empire strikes back, return of the jedi, step up, the 40-year-old virgin, the boondock saints, the breakfast club, the girl next door, the hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy, the last samurai, the lizzie mcguire movie, the motorcycle diaries, the notebook, the prestige, the prince & me, the princess diaries, the replacements, sisterhood of the traveling pants, the usual suspects, united 93, what women want
tv show : jonny quest the real adventures, shirley holmes, scooby doo, smallville, friends, mega movie magic, biography, the zack files, the x-files, lizzie mcguire, america's next top model, american dreams, black hole high, boy meets world, caroline in the city, commander in chief, csi, csi miami, csi new york, dead like me, everwood, gilmore girls, heroes, jack & bobby, joan of arcadia, law & order SVU, lost, malcolm in the middle, married with children, mythbusters, once & again, phil of the future, psych, SNL, seinfeld, that 70's show, while you were out
solo artist : laura p., michelle b., avril l., christina a., jessica a., alanis m., celine d., hilary d., kelly c., pink, clay a., eminem, jason m., jesse m., rob t., ronan k., sean paul
pop : a-teens, backstreet boys, daft punk, destiny's child, hanson, jamiroquai, savage garden, spice girls, westlife
rock : three doors down, 30 seconds to mars, aerosmith, blink 182, bon jovi, coldplay, counting crows, creed, dashboard confessional, evanescence, everclear, fall out boy, foo fighters, garbage, goo goo dolls, good charlotte, green day, hawk nelson, hinder, hoobastank, la ley, la oreja de van gogh, linkin park, mana, maroon 5, matchbox 20, metallica, nickelback, nine days, nirvana, oasis, our lady peace, panic! at the disco, papa roach, REM, red hot chili peppers, simple plan, son miserables, sum 41, all-american rejects, the calling, the corrs, cranberries, the offspring, the rasmus, anberlin, chevelle, my chemical romance
jpop/jrock : asian kung-fu generation, do as infinity, janne da arc, l'arc~en~ciel
songs : iris (goo goo dolls), if only tears could bring you back to me (midnight sons), if i am (nine days), summer's picture (rk original soundtrack), solo las estrellas bastaran (son miserables), breathe/2 AM (anna nalick), clumsy (our lady peace), flying without wings (westlife), lithium (nirvana)
soundtrack : pokemon mew vs. mewtwo, armaggeddon, josie & the pussycats, disney mania
actor/actress : wynona rider, sandra bullock, julia stiles, ellen degeneres, keira knightley, reese witherspoon, hugh grant, harrison ford, will smith, christian bale, jonathan togo, ryan gosling
book : caballo de troya, little women & sequels, harry potter
author : louisa may alcott, j.j. benitez, isaac asimov, j. k. rowling
color : blue, light blue, pink, red, green and purple
food : spagghetti, pizza, anything chocolate, mac & cheese, anything a la alfredo, arroz con pollo, sancocho, eggs, corn flakes, lasagna, chinese fried rice, chicken, cake, ice cream, ham & cheese sandwiches, turkey, ramen soup, hamburgers, french fries, fish, apple pie, hojaldre, quesadillas, nachos, hash browns, pancakes, omelette, tajadas, patacones, platano en tentacion... (will i ever be done...?)
fast food : kfc, mcdonald's, wendy's, dairy queen
drink : coca-cola, shakes & malts, hot cocoa, tutti-frutti shake like my grandma's ^^, good ol' H2O
animal : panda!!!!!!!! dog, dolphin, mice, orcas & wolves
gem : aquamarine y sapphire
trip : paris!!!! parisparisparisparisparis!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (oh la la!) y after that athens, new york & japan
phrase : "there's nothing better than a friend, except a friend with chocolate." -mark twain. it's for real!

what would i choose?

pepsi or coca-cola : coca-cola
7up or sprite : same thing
1 or 2 pillows : 2
blue or black eyes : blue
blonde or brunette : brunette
ocean or lake : ocean
day or night : night
markers or crayons : markers
fruit o vegetables : chocolate ^^
tv o music : music
dogs or cats : dogs
personality o looks : personality
money or love : love
friends or family : family (without totally ignoring my friends)
hanging out with friends or with my boyfriend : i don't have a boyfriend... ^^;; but bah, it'll always be friends.
short or long-term relationship : hmmmm, i guess long, huh?
movies or mall : movies
boxers or briefs : boxer briefs!

would you...

tell on someone : sure, if it's necessary
cheat on a test : sure... (yeah, baby! i'm a bad girl...!) but i'd probably get caught ^^;;;
lie to your parents : not if i can help it
meet an internet friend : i dunno

do you believe in...

god : yep
love : yes, but not like in the movies
love at first sight : nah
friends forever : yep
superstitions : nope
santa claus : well, st. nicholas did exist, but...
vampires : no
mermaids : you wish!
ghosts : no...
karma : yeah
re-incarnation : no

have you ever...

had to be stitched : yep, on my head
broken a bone : no
been performed surgery on : nothing big
played truth or dare : sip
committed a crime : not that i know of... ?_?
sung in church : every sunday! ^_^
skipped school : yeah
punched someone : yes, hehe ^^
been punched : no
been to a foreign country : yes
lived in a foreign country : yes
been to the ocean : well duh! i live in *panama*, i've obviously been to the ocean...
had a bruise that you don't know where it came from : yeah, like everyday 0_o
killed someone : no! 0_0
wanted to kill someone : only soap opera characters (how can these women be so stupid?...)
made fun of someone : yes
dressed up in the opposite sex's clothes just for fun : hehe, yeah, with my grandpa's clothes ^^
had an affair with your friends' boyfriend : no! that's awful!
dated the wrong person : no
cried in front of other people : yes, and i'm still mad at myself
had a favorite radio station : yep!
had a job : yes
had a crush on someone : si...
tanned : not of my own volition, i just don't tan
wished you were dead : yeah, who doesn't once in a while?