house m.d. is a tremendously popular series, created by david shore, et al. it revolves around dr. gregory house, a genius diagnostician, and his team which consists of dr. robert chase (an intensivist), dr. eric foreman (a neurologist) and dr. allison cameron (an immunologist); later on, they're replaced by dr. chris taub (a plastic surgeon), dr. lawrence kutner (a sports medicine specialist) and dr. remy hadley, aka "thirteen" (an internist). in every episode, princeton-plainsboro teaching hospital gets a new patient with symptoms that baffle all other doctors, and that only house and his team can diagnose. sometimes they're aided by dr. james wilson, head of oncology at PPTH and house's best friend, and dr. lisa cuddy, the dean of medicine. things aren't as idyllic or easy as they sound, though, because despite being a genius, house is a class-A jerk whose methods are completely unorthodox (and oftentimes illegal), he doesn't give a crap about his patients (only about solving the puzzle) and is always ready with some sarcastic remark for everyone around him... and that's only the beginning of all the drama.

dr. robert chase is played by australian actor jesse spencer. chase is an only child, son of a world-reknown rheumatologist, which means he was born into a wealthy family. his parents divorced when he was very young. his mother was an alcoholic, which led to her death when chase was in his teens. his relationship with his father soured after that, and remained so until his father's death in the second season, because of his abandonment issues. out of the three original "ducklings," he's the one that's more like house when it comes to thinking outside the box; he's been known to come up with unconventional diagnoses and methods that many times end up saving the patient. he's very sarcastic and snarky, and he can be obnoxious, like house, but not to the point of inhumanity. he's also the one that clings the most strongly to his job, up to the point where he will rat out house if he needs to, but on the other side of the spectrum, he's a bit of a kiss-up to house; sometimes he'll just go along with house for the sake of it, but mostly he does believe that even if house's ideas may sound crazy or a product of his drug use, house really knows what he's doing. at the end of season three, house fires him, saying he "needs a change" and that chase has "learned everything he could" from him by then. in season four he came back to PPTH as a surgeon, relishing the fact that he doesn't have to answer to house anymore, but his new position still makes him get involved in house's cases from time to time.

dr. allison cameron is played by actress jennifer morrison. cameron is a sweet, caring, idealistic immunologist. not much is known about her family background, other than the fact that she's a widow. when she was in college, she fell in love with a man who had just been diagnosed with thyroid cancer and had less than a year to live. she was married to him for six months, and was by his side as he died. as her husband agonized, she also found herself developing feelings for her husband's best friend, joe, but nothing came out of it due to the circumstances. she was often the most straight-laced of the three ducklings, sticking to procedure and often empathizing with the patients and their pain. she admired house and his genius greatly, even to the point of developing romantic feelings for him, but often had to go against his decisions for ethical reasons. through the seasons her idealism became a little more realistic, to the point where she agreed with house's drug use so long as it kept him functional, so he could keep saving lives. at the end of season three, however, she quit her job after her other two colleagues left as well. in season four she came back to PPTH as the senior attending at the ER, a position where she feels she can directly help people, despite the fact that it's so different from her previous job. like chase, she still gets involved in house's cases once in a while.

it was pretty obvious that chase was attracted to cameron from the beginning. however, early on she rejected his advances due to her growing crush on house. that particular storyline is developed through season one, until house outright rejects her. chase and cameron's relationship actually sours through all of that, mostly because chase becomes vogler's spy in order to keep his job. with vogler gone, things go back to professional between them, until cameron comes in contact with AIDS-infected blood. she has a bit of a breakdown, and one night she takes some of the patient's methamphetamines; then she invites chase over and they have sex. afterwards they agree that nothing should come out of it because it would make things complicated. things between them remain on a professional level after that (other than a few random comments about their one-night-stand here and there), until mid-season three. cameron suddenly asks chase to have no-strings-attached sex with her, and they embark on a "friends with benefits" relationship, which soon becomes known by the rest of the cast. however, chase's feelings for her grow; he tells her he wants a real relationship with her, but she doesn't want that and breaks it off with him. chase begins reminding her every tuesday that he likes her, and it goes on for quite a few weeks, although she still rejects him. when chase gets fired, though, she decides that she does have feelings for him and gives their relationship a chance. they're still together all through season four, and they experience some jealousy issues on chase's part, but so far, they're still going strong.

a fanlisting is, as described by its creator, janine, as a "a place for all fans of a particular show, movie, actor/actress, singer, etc. to come together and build the biggest listing of people from all around the world who are fans of that subject." in this case, it's a list of fans of the relationship between chase and cameron.

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