flourish is an independent, comedic thriller, written/directed by kevin palys and starring actress jennifer morrison, of house m.d. fame, in the main role.

morrison plays the role of gabrielle winters, a quirky tutor/proofreader. gabrielle is currently checked into a mental institution; she is visited by a film crew for a documentary, and asked to recount her story for the cameras-- the story that got her to the psych ward in the first place, as the main suspect of a crime. the plot, then, unfurls as gabrielle tells us the story of how the girl she was babysitting disappeared, and ended up drowning in a local pool.

she charmingly retells a story full of intrigue and mystery, vengeance and crime, spies and secret affairs. her tale is full of interesting characters, from her roommate bridget (olivia burnette) and her misguided fiancee eddie (jesse spencer, also from house m.d.), to their landlord mary (victoria kelleher), lucy, the dead girl (leighton meester, of gossip girl), her parents charles and wendy (well-known actor and actress daniel roebuck and connie ray), and her boyfriend, carter (newcomer ian brennan). all these people weave in and out of her story, putting in motion the events that will conclude in lucy's disappearance.

problem is, gabrielle is not sane, so there are still some loose ends to tie up in her tale. her retelling is very entertaining in that "keep you on the edge of your seat" way, but... is that what really happened?

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