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hello all! welcome to "the end of a not-so-epic journey", the approved fanlisting for the final arc of the samurai champloo series, the "evanescent encounter" arc (episodes 24, 25 & 26). if you're a fan of these episodes, feel free to browse around and join! just scroll down ^_^

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the "evanescent encounter" arc is the finale of shinichiro watanabe's wonderful anime series, samurai champloo. the series revolves around three main characters: jin, mugen, and fuu. mugen is a loud, rude and crude ex-con from the ryuukyus that's wandering through japan, surviving as best as he can. jin is a quiet, wise ronin that wanders similarly, in penance because of a dark past. and fuu is a cute but spunky girl on a mission: to find the ever-elusive sunflower samurai. the three meet by chance. fuu manages to get them out of an execution sentence, and in exchange, she goads them into coming with her as her bodyguards on her quest; they (reluctantly, mind you) agree and what comes is not so much an epic journey, but a definitely interesting one. in episodes 24, 25 & 26, the trio finally arrives at nagasaki, on the verge of finding what they've been looking for, and i don't only mean the sunflower samurai. now, if they can only stay alive that long... i won't tell you what happens in the end because i don't want to spoil anybody, but if you wanna risk it, step onto what's probably the best champloo website out there, amalgam, and check out their episode reviews.


1. you must at least like one of these episodes. or all, of course.

2. you don't need to have a webpage, but you need a valid and working e-mail adress.

3. if you have a webpage, you need to put up the code on it within a week after you send the form in. if i don't find the code on your page, i will only list your e-mail adress.

4. if you're using an image code, upload the image to your OWN server.

5. i reserve the rights to list, or not list, any webpage as i see fit. i'm not picky about webbies, but i won't list pages that contain racism, homophobia, hate, or pornography.


here are the codes you can put in your webpage. please add one right after you join. and don't forget to link back to http://kyoudai.net/journey

also, if you want to make your own code, feel free! just don't forget to e-mail it to me so I can put it up here.


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