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i'm pretty sure if you're here, you've heard of rurouni kenshin, but i'll humor you and make a recap. RK is a series by watsuki nobuhiro that deals with a swordsman, himura kenshin, who used to be a fearsome killer known as hitokiri battousai during the days of the bakumatsu (end of the tokugawa regime). 10 years after that, kenshin is repentant for all his killing and decides to help people to atone for his sins. he meets kamiya kaoru, who he falls in love with, and a bunch of other really interesting characters. some are his friends, but then there's also the ocassional psycho who wants to kill him for revenge and stuff... needless to say, his story becomes really picturesque. sagara sanosuke and takani megumi are two of his friends. sanosuke was a member of the sekihoutai, an armed group during the bakumatsu that worked for the government but was then rejected, and everyone was killed but him. for that reason he hates the new meiji government and even tried to kill kenshin, but he learned a valuable lesson as kenshin became his best friend. megumi was forced to make opium for a drug dealer that killed many people, and was rescued by kenshin and sano. to atone for her crimes she became a doctor. sano is a bit of a bum, never pays for his food and keeps getting into brawls, and megumi is feisty, an incorregible flirt and a very sharp woman, and they have a very interesting love/hate/constant bickering relationship. they never got together romantically in the anime OR the manga, but fans of this couple think they should've and so have continued their story in fanfiction of all types, sizes and genres.

a fanlisting is, as described by its creator, janine, as a "a place for all fans of a particular show, movie, actor/actress, singer, etc. to come together and build the biggest listing of people from all around the world who are fans of that subject." in this case, it's a list of fans of all fanfiction about sanosuke and megumi.

this site was created by carla, and is part of the mighty network (*nudgenudge* please visit! ^.~ *nudgenudge*). it's done in div layers, especially for 1024x760 resolution, but it should look good in smaller resolutions too. the title, "sakura tradition" comes from the title of the RK manga epilogue, "rurouni kenshin: sakura kaden", from which the pics for the layout were taken.


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so you've joined the fanlisting, and now you want to go and read some sanomeg fanfiction, eh? would you be interested in reading some of my favorites? because i've read almost all of them, and have made a list of my personal recommendations, which i think you will probably like. so feel free to take a look at them and don't forget to review, i'm sure the authors would appreciate it!

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