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i'm pretty sure if you're here, you've heard of house m.d., but i'll humor you and make a recap. this tremendously popular series, created by david shore, et al, revolves around dr. gregory house, a genius diagnostician, and his team which consists, up until the point we're interested in, of dr. robert chase (an intensivist), dr. eric foreman (a neurologist) and dr. allison cameron (an immunologist). in every episode, princeton-plainsboro teaching hospital gets a new patient with symptoms that baffle all other doctors, and that only house and his team can diagnose. sometimes they're aided by dr. james wilson, head of oncology at PPTH and house's best friend, and dr. lisa cuddy, the dean of medicine. things aren't as idyllic or easy as they sound, though, because despite being a genius, house is a class-A jerk whose methods are completely unorthodox (and oftentimes illegal), he doesn't give a crap about his patients (only about solving the puzzle) and is always ready with some sarcastic remark for everyone around him... and that's only the beginning of all the drama.

in episode 03.19, act your age, the patient of the week is a six-year-old girl who had an unexplained heart attack; she's taken to the hospital with her widowed father and 8-year-old brother by her side. up until the previous week, chase and cameron had been having a no-strings-attached sexual relationship, but cameron ended it when chase told her he wanted it to be about more than just sex. because of this their interaction is strained as they try to uncover the truth behind the little girl's symptoms. things get even more complicated when the girl's brother develops a crush on cameron, and she humors him just to annoy chase. when they find a bloody t-shirt hidden in the girl's room, they suspect abuse, but are surprised when lab results come back and it turns out that the little girl has already gotten her period. when the girl's brother violently attacks chase for being too close to cameron, they begin to think it's a hormonal problem, and the boy is affected as well.

in a particularly hilarious subplot on the house-cuddy-wilson front, there is much teasing about the theater, and flowers, and the possibility of either man wanting to see cuddy naked. anything else i say about this issue would be a complete disservice to how hysterical these scenes really are ;)

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