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the best fanfiction about the relationship between robert chase and allison cameron from house MD. cali recommends 61 fanfics in this category:

a drabble by cryhope
PG-13 - general/romance. chasecameron drabble... part two: she doesn't want him to lose more.

a matter of physics by enigma731
R (rated for sex) - general. love is a matter of chemistry, but sex is a matter of physics. episode cap for 3.14.

after tuesday by andie parker
PG-13 - romance/drama. cameron and chase are finally where they should be... in love. but the only reason allison thinks she can do this is because house isn't there to distract her. that is, until he asks her to come back. trouble in paradise?

all i ever wanted by enigma731
PG-13 - romance/friendship. the world spins and changes, but life always stays the same. four years later, chase, cameron and foreman watch house's new team finish their time working for him.

at the same place by jordan202
G - romance/humor. a comedy story about cameron and chase and other special people in a different situation they are now. comedy, romance. cham.

bad catholics by falseeyelashes
R (rated for sex) - drama. bad catholics who forget to pray and follow the rules don't go to hell. but they don't get to go to heaven either. cameron doesn't believe in god but she's still stuck in the middle. and she's not alone.

birth by julie
PG-13 - general. "it would be one of the greatest triumphs of humanity, one of the most tangible liberations from the constraints of nature to which mankind is subject, if we could succeed in raising the responsible act of procreating children to the level of a deliberate and intentional activity and in freeing it from its entanglement with the necessary satisfaction of a natural need" –freud. procreation is a natural part of life, but for cuddy and cameron, it is an individual burden.

body and soul by enigma731
PG-13 - angst. she'd written him off as a brown noser from day one, but now she realizes that his job is the one constant in his life, the one chance for something resembling a family. she wonders if that's worth this kind of humiliation. episode tag, finding judas.

confess by fieryxeyes731
PG-13 - angst/romance. house is the one who brought them together, and maybe missing him is only natural. but they're the ones still holding on, he thinks, and they don't need house for this. season 4 spoilers; chase/cam.

danse russe by cap'n pirate monkey
R (rated for sex) - drama/general. he smells delicious, of warmth and of maleness, and cameron feels she could breathe it in forever, bathe in it, drown in it... the missing scene from 'hunting', and what transpired between chase and cameron the night before and the morning after.

deep in december by enigma731
PG-13 - hurt/comfort/romance. a year ago she knows she would have pushed him, would have needled and prodded until he'd run away or gotten truly angry. she's learned her lesson there, she thinks. ficlet.

don't ask by enigma731
PG-13 - romance/angst. it's the stuff fairytales are made on, only she's no princess and his is a prison of crushed dreams. vignette spanning airborne to human error.

early morning at home by indigoamethyst
PG-13 - romance. a series of unrelated chasexcameron ficlets, set, as the title suggests, in the early morning around the home. [chasexcameron] [mild adult themes] [set in season three]

everybody lies by thornsmoke
PG - general. what, says chase, half-cocky, wine like electricity in his veins. still in love with house? [post halfwit]

everything goes with black by sugar-plum-fairy
PG-13 - friendship/romance. cameron can't sleep. nothing dramatic, just fluff between her and chase. couldn't an title that sums up the story, please bear with this lame one for the time being! set around top secret i guess. my first fic, so please read and review!

exposure by enigma731
R (rated for sex and gruesome scenes) - drama/romance. it's all over the news on the waiting room televisions: epidemic reported in new jersey. frighteningly quick occurrence. potentially devastating circumstances. post human error novella.

flying by schuyler lola
PG - general/angst. good girls don't sit outside, alone, in the middle of the night. but she doesn't care. oneshot, tag to human error.

ghost from the past by iamthelie
PG-13 - romance/drama. in the middle of a case, a figure from cameron's past arrives, creating complications and confusions in her life. chasecameron.

happy tuesday by uunemo
PG - general. chase and tuesdays.

how to live divided: a doctor's guide by tacel
PG - angst/romance. somewhere in between loving the one and falling in love with the other, she realizes, decisions must be made. cameron character study, follows the end of season 3 and most of season 4, but with almost no spoilers.

indifference by eschewingobfuscation
PG-13 - general/romance. drabbleish. chase considers cameron.

it doesn't have a happy ending by myrriadd
R (rated for sex) - angst. they are letting it continue, both out of selfish reasons. rated M.

liar, liar by schuyler lola
PG-13 - romance/friendship. she's never considered them friends, in any sense of the word. now, after all this... she's telling him things that only friends should know. all because of this crazy game. chasecameron.

once upon a time by bookwormkiwi
PG-13 - romance. chasecam. an original fairy tale that parallels a period in chase and cameron's lives. full summary inside.

pipe dream by evex
PG-13 - romance. fantasies are glorious, but it is the reality of a moment which can keep you up at night, clutching your sheets and breathing hard.

problem flowers by candyapplered
PG-13 - romance/drama. cameronchase. cameron makes a decision on where to put her new flowers.

questions of science by enigma731
PG-13 - angst/romance. it's magnificently irrational, a study in reverse psychology, and being a doctor doesn't help one bit. post-ep for 4.13 no more mr. nice guy.

revelations by opals
PG - humor/romance. set at the end of mirror, mirror. after hearing of house and cuddy's experiment, chase and cameron drop in on the mirror patient to see who wears the pants in their relationship. chasecam.

reverie by schuyler lola
PG - romance/frienship. she likes her boundaries. they protect her, maybe a little too well. oneshot.

sense by fieryxeyes731
PG-13 - angst/romance. pity is her addiction, and today he's just the capsule full of it sliding helplessly down her throat. chase's observations about cameron, one chapter per sense, end of S3. now complete.

shiver and sweat by bookwormkiwi
G - general. wilson was unaware that they were married. so, too, was chase. chasecameron.

silently loving you by catherine4
PG - romance/angst. i'd rather share you with house than not have you at all. cameronchase. how will their relationship survive when their 'no strigs' sex gets complicated? spoilers for season 3

soft focus by vita
NC-17 (rated for sex) - general. post-ep for 3.16, top secret. "you go ahead. i'll just watch."

some things get left in boxes by a reason for junebugs
PG - general/drama. cameron does a little unsanctioned exploring one night at chase's place and finds some of his most personal things. oneshot.

something more by wildcatlizzie83
PG - general. chase decides to find out how cameron really feels.

something to sing about by roga
PG - general. after more than two years, a relationship has to evolve somewhere. cameron, chase, foreman. a series of eleven drabbles, written for the houseficpens challenge.

starting over by catherine4
G - general. oneshot set soon after 'human error' chasecameron with a bit of house and cuddy thrown in.

swim by aenisses thai
PG-13 - drama. your mind is clear now, as if the past few months have brought your life into sharp focus, and at that focal point he stands, leaning on his cane. chase's journey to acceptance. spoilers for season three finale.

synthesis by elvendestiny
PG-13 - romance/spiritual. they'd always been attracted to each other and there was a kind of solidarity in their rituals. it was so straightforward, practically the definition of friends-with-benefits, although, of course, they weren't friends, and lately it wasn't straightforward.

take the ducklings bowling by fluffy2001
PG-13 - humor/romance. a simple gathering at a bowling alley leads to so much more. this didn't end up being much about bowling at all. this is a funny and romantic foremanOFC, camchase story. it's all about how relationships start and build. lots of fluff and romance.

the arrangement by vita
PG-13 - general. another answer to 'what if chase and cameron continued their relationship, post-hunting?'

the creative utilization of storage rooms by imsanehonest
PG - romance. who said he couldn't stop being an idiot long enough to snag the most brilliant woman he had ever met? all hope was not lost. chase had a plan. chasecameron.

the game of chance by enigma731
PG-13 - general. cameron's been working at princeton-plainsboro for less than a week when it happens. it's friday, and all she can think about is the fact that she'll finally have some free time to unpack. preseries oneshot.

the moments in between by merlin71
PG - general. takes place after no reason. cameron's observations about chase.

the ugliness of nepotism by claire geraldine
PG-13 - general/romance. my first ever fic, so please review and criticize constructively! oneshot, feat. a PotW, a frigid med student and some camchase. also make sure you read its sequel: let sleeping dogs lie!

this is real by slam a revolving door
PG - angst. [oneshot] 'what's this? the choices are endless.'

those damn flowers by uunemo
PG-13 - general. he loves me, he loves me not. one shot about the flowers.

three hires by sam starbuck
PG - general. the hiring of the ducklings, through chase's point of view. a touch of chase->cameron, no spoilers.

tiger lily by schuyler lola
PG-13 - romance/angst. it could be love, you think. but it isn't, and you can convince yourself of that. at least, you think so. oneshot, chasecam.

time for a kiss by daygoner
PG-13 - general/romance. sort of fluffy chasecam. sometimes, people can surprise you.

times i loved you by help-i'm-a-rock
PG-13 - romance/angst. a collection of cameronchase stories based on prompts from lj's fanfic50.

trinity by enigma731
PG-13 - romance. she's spent years imagining the day that she would fall in love again, the things she would do differently. an odd second chance, like a raincheck from fate to use this knowledge she's paid so dearly for. a Christmas vignette.

unattainable expectations by fluffy2001
PG-13 - general. chase and cameron couldn't explain why they did it, it was just ingrained in them to do better. that was both the blessing and the curse of their training, a passion that defined who they were but could also end up being their doom as well. S4 spoilers.

unmasked by sugar stars
PG-13 - romance. more than secret identities are revealed at the hospital's charity event. chacam

washed away by fieryxeyes731
PG-13 - romance/general. and now she's found someone to fill the gap. it's so much better than the countless nights in the past few years when she was left to comfort herself. chasecam fluff. season four general spoilers.

what a wonderful world by oldach's dream
PG - humor/romance. a oneshot cameronchase. because i've been waiting three seasons for the writers to explain away chase's bad fashion.

what happens in vegas by ouestlacraie
PG-13 - humor/romance. the team heads to nevada for a medical conference, and can't resist spending a night in sin city, not to mention taking part in a few sins of their own. cameronchase. ONESHOT.

what they did on their thanksgiving vacation by quack675
PG-13 - romance. chase meets cameron's family... and elvis presley? also make sure you read its sequel: what they did on valentine's day!

wicked game by fluffy2001
PG-13 - drama/angst. their arrangement was hardly no strings attached. there was no winning at this game. oneshot. major chasecameron angst, covers from insensitive through act your age.

won't you do what you are wanting by calendaes
PG - general. he knows it will end badly. everything does and, despite all evidence to the contrary, he's not a stupid person. he just doesn't know how badly. chase just wants everything to get back to normal, but you don't always get what you want.

you came back by fluffy2001
PG-13 - humor/romance. what happens after cameron resigns? she goes back to see chase, and they start enjoying their time off together. loads of cutesy fun, but eventually reality sets in. spoilers for season three finale.