thirteen hundred years
the best fanfiction about the relationship between susan pevensie and king caspian the tenth from C.S. lewis' chronicles of narnia series. note: most of the fanfics in this list are movieverse and/or AU. cali recommends 37 fanfics in this category:

a choice for susan by msparrow29
R (rated for sex) - romance. my take on certain scenes in the movie and how i think they should have played out. may contain spoilers. rated M for content. caspian/susan.

an island could never break your heart by kalesbohan
PG-13 - general. AU. caspian and susan are on the night watch during the blitz. 'i, at least, had that. god forbid anything happen to my mother, but if it did, i could still call london home and be welcomed in it.'

an unexpected return by oxtenshixo
R - family/romance. aslan's plans didn't pane out the way he had hoped, even he is prone to making mistakes. so the pevensie children must return to help king caspian save narnia, but there is also tension between two pivotal characters. AN: movieverse.

and if i can't have everything (well then just give me a taste) by astral-angel
PG-13 - romance/angst. one kiss melts into another, and then another they separate only for brief gasps of air, but susan thinks that she might give up breathing if she could only kiss him forever. susan/caspian.

and the sky was torn asunder by schoeneseele
PG-13 - general. she returned to her own world to a life without him. she had no idea that the very sky would be torn asunder seam by seam.

and ye shall receive by whydoyouneedtoknow
PG - fantasy/romance. what would you give up for love? your family, your reputation, even your life? one shot, missing moments, attempts to reconcile movie and book canon. addresses the susan question. spoilers for prince caspian movie and all narnia books.

as time goes by by avonlea sawyer
PG-13 - fantasy/romance. the pevensies have returned from narnia again, but this time the return has weighed heavily on all of them, but mostly susan. can susan come to grips with leaving, without knowing how things would have turned out if she had stayed? **SPOILERS FOR MOVIE**

being reasonable by esyla
PG-13 - romance/adventure. back in england susan grows up being reasonable rather than silly. but the course of history has already shifted and the pevensie children are doomed to their train wreck. aslan grants susan a second chance at the life she never had in narnia. suspian.

changing destiny by shining friendship
PG-13 - romance. after peace is restored in narnia, caspian and susan share a private conversation in the middle of the night... and more. will their feelings for each other change aslan's decision to send the pevensies back to england or will they still be returned?

crossing borders by maaike-fluffy
G - romance/drama/angst. prince caspian and the pevensies continue their life after their farewell, but none of them can stop dwelling on the past. then caspian makes a decision; if she can't come to him, then he'll have to find her. movie-verse. not beta-ed.

dream of a dream by maresia eterna
PG-13 - angst/romance. he was the reason why she decided to forget about everything. caspianxsusan.

everything and nothing by morte rouge
PG-13 - romance/fantasy. -MOVIE SPOILER- caspian's point of view, during the most tragical moment of the movie, even if it is non canon. one shot.

goodnight by silentskulls
PG - romance/humor. caspian wishes susan a goodnight, unaware that tomorrow she'll depart back into her world.

haunted princess by crimson white
PG-13 - drama/romance. susan's encounter with rabadash is remembered as a fairytale. but for those who lived it, the terrifying memories still create havoc, thirteen hundred years later.

hearing the call by shining friendship
PG - romance/adventure. missing scene from the movie. she told him to hang onto her horn in case he needed her help again, but he knew that she needed it more this time - caspian explores the budding attraction between him and susan before and after he rescues her in the forest.

heavy with child by clear plastic
PG - humor/romance. queen susan is... pregnant!

in element by eclipsedofsoul
PG-13 - general/adventure. susan and her siblings are struggling to re-adjust to their lives but when the call to save Narnia arises will they risk everything again?

let myself fall by scion of kushiel
PG-13 - drama/romance. susan pevensie left her heart in narnia, and now she's come back to claim it. but time moves on, as do people, and amidst a rising crisis, dreams can shatter so easily.

lost chronicles of narnia: the beast of witherby by emeraldteardrops
PG-13 - adventure/romance. movieverse, AU, just another "the pevensies don't leave" fic. summary: caught between political positioning and shadowed enemies, five young monarchs attempt to unite two ancient foes in harmony.

no air by halfbloodprincess221
PG - hurt/comfort/romance. a week after returning to england and leaving narnia and caspian behind, susan finds that she can't breathe. susanxcaspian.

no need to say goodbye by nikki-aria
PG - romance/fantasy. susan and caspian can't seem to forget each other after only getting a taste of their relationship together the last time the kings and queens of old were in narnia. will they learn to forgive and forget, or hold on even tighter and refuse to separate?

not exactly a feast by maaike-fluffy
G - romance. prince caspian and susan share a meal on the way back from the unsuccesful raid on miraz' castle and get to know each other better. movie-verse. one-shot.

ode to the brokenhearted by sandrine c
PG-13 - drama/romance. getting back isn't the hardest part. moving on wasn't easy on either of them. wouldn't returning to narnia solve everything? this is the story of how susan's choice leads them through the discovery of what it really is to fall in love.

of duels and daisies by peace like a river
PG - general/friendship. "please, could it not be me? i want to avenge my father." -p.c. ch. 13. when caspian insists on being the one to duel miraz, and peter absolutely refuses, susan is left to sort out the mess. movie-based, or more correctly, spoiler-based.

perfect lives by rhiononon
PG-13 - humor/parody. so life is perfect? well, not according to these two... strict humour here people. silly, happy, fluffy. suspian.

queen susan the gentle by voidreamer
PG-13 - romance/drama. her second departure brought her a heartbreak from which she was sure she would never escape, but now it will take all of susan's courage to return to narnia one last time to save the man she loves, even if he can no longer love her. caspianxsusan.

return to me by anfieldgyul
PG-13 - romance/adventure. caspian is given another chance to be with susan. however, he's taken 1300 years back into the golden age of narnia, where he must win her all over again.

returning home by pauline9115
PG-13 - romance. a oneshot for those who are looking for closure. good closure . susan is having a harder time returning to her normal then she thought she would. caspian is having trouble forgetting her and moving on. suspian. read and review please!

so close by dancing-in-time
PG-13 - romance. susan and caspian have a bit of a heart-to-heart over a wounded hand. missing scene.

stinging knees by purplemachine
PG-13 - romance. the war is over and the country celebrates. alone in a dusty room in a telmarine castle, far removed from societal expectations and the inevitable future, a boy and a girl--a future king and former queen--collide. susan/caspian.

stirrings by writergurl88
PG-13 - romance/adventure. susan and caspian explore emerging feelings in the wake of narnia's victory. when a new adventure follows on the heels of his coronation, they both have some tough decisions to make. movieverse, possibly AU, caspian/susan.

the final temptation and redemption of caspian x by muselives
PG-13 - angst. caspian must make peace with losing susan forever.

the first meeting by penguinsrfunny
PG-13 - romance. AU. what if susan and caspian had met in narnia before... 1300 years before? follow what happens when susan and caspian meet during susan's first reign as narnia's queen. based on characters from prince caspian movieverse.

this is home by thejiffylube6
PG-13 - romance/general. what if aslan allowed king caspian to go back with lucy and edmund to england at the end of the voyage of the "dawn treader?" will susan still have feelings for him and how will he cope with the new adventure of living in 1940's england?

walk this world by meteoric tree
PG-13 - romance/adventure. when a nazi occultist's spell pulls caspian into our world things get a bit complicated, especially when the pevensies' father is among the soldiers who rescue him.

war wounds by yourstar202
R (rated for sex) - romance. everyone has their wounds in battle, whether they are from the battle field or between the sheets. movie-verse.

where we belong by selene antilles
PG-13 - romance/drama. formerly known as - where we left off. movieverse. susan and caspian meet again - under circumstances they don't understand. susanxcaspian.