the sun and the moon
the best fanfiction about the relationship between prince zuko and katara from the show avatar: the last airbender. cali recommends 42 fanfics in this category:

a matter of honor by adridere
R (rated for sex!) - humor/romance. almost 4 years after the war. aang is engaged to katara and is up to zuko to teach him the facts of life. yep, the bees and the birds. crazy kings, bananas and the ultimate contest for the hand of a reluctant maiden. zutara/taang.

acquiescence by lady flick
PG-13 - romance/general. ZUTARA. zuko, katara and sokka go under cover into the fire nation. dealing with death? easy. dealing with love? that was a different story.

aftershock by justcallmefaye
PG - friendship/romance. following the agni kai, zuko and katara take some time to say the things that need to be said. mainly friend!zutara, but not entirely.

always the light by treacle chip
G - romance/angst. in the midst of the grand scheme of things, there are little moments that no one ever gets to see... well, almost no one. zutara, from appa's point of view.

another brother by avocadolove
PG13 - adventure/hurt/comfort. it was a mission of revenge. there weren't supposed to be any survivors, but chief hakoda couldn't bring himself to kill the fire nation boy. against his better judgment, he brought him home. a zuko joins the water tribe story.

beyond the rising sun by justcallmefaye
PG-13 - drama/romance. post series. because destiny does not always mean forever and other ends may be written in the shifting sands and the fallen stars. zutara.

bittersweet by midnightthief15
PG - romance/drama. "i have to admit, prince zuko, i REALLY find you attractive." katara declared. "i mean it, i've had eyes for you since the day you first captured me." zuko grinned at her. takes place near the end of the ember island players. zutara. slight kataang. R&R!

bromance by jakia
PG-13 - humor/family. crack!fic. SPOILERS FOR THE BOILING ROCK! READ AT YOUR OWN RISK! zuko: sokka and hakoda approved! poor katara. zutara, sukka, hinted sokzu.

capture of the maiden by spleefmistress
NC-17 (rated for sex!) - romance/drama. [zutara AU hades/persephone inspired] in a land of gods and spirits, katara is the daughter of the sea, and zuko is the mighty and reclusive god of the fire realms. one day, the fire god decides to make the maiden his...

college daze by renagrrl
PG-13 - romance/angst. COMPLETE! [modern AU] katara and zuko both attend ba sing se university and are forced to be partners on a class project, working together for the grade. but what happens when they get to know each other? [blutara, zutara, jetara].

continuum by psalm 136
PG-13 - romance/drama. amidst political turmoil and the upheaval after a century of war, zuko and katara must face the consequences of their actions, of their one night of passion, as they seek to heal the wounds left by the fire nation. two months postwar. zutara.

critical point by darkmoonrabbit
R - romance. a political marriage of convenience tears apart two pairs of lovers. now katara must come to terms with her new role in rebuilding the world as the fire lord's wife.

dictating by not-your-god
R - romance/humor. in which zuko and katara attempt to write a serious letter. katara has fun and zuko has a hidden agenda. (korra spoilers!)

don't say a word by coley merrin
PG-13 - romance/mystery. in the midst of great danger, zuko struggles with his desire for katara, while her mind is clouded with the secrets of her unborn child. zutara.

echoes by alaksandra
PG-13 - romance/friendship. AU after 3.12: to heal and forgive. katara and zuko have a talk in the echo chamber. zutara.

eclipse by sandra evans
PG-13 - adventure/romance. it is an act of nature: the sun and moon are drawn to one another like moths to a flame. when they finally touch, there is nothing. no heat, no cold. just an eclipse. zutara. also make sure you read its sequel: varedha! (the sequel is rated R for sex and dark themes).

faded jeans by gray-rain skies
PG-13 - romance/general. AU. she didn't expect that she'd meet a person like him in a million years, and in a department store of all places. zuko x katara.

he stares at the water by aj rayne
PG-13 - drama/angst. the fire lady watches her husband and learns some things she wishes she hadn't. also make sure you read its sequel: and she watches the fire!

his majesty prefers blue by shamelessliar
R (rated for sex!) - adventure/humor. a year after the war's end, the gaang returns to the fire nation for a week of diplomatic meetings. there, they hear rumors about a vigilante who wears a blue mask and katara finds herself digging deeper into his identity and motives. blue/zutara lemons.

lying eyes by quirky's muse
PG-13 - angst/drama. zuko realizes that katara doesn't really hate him, that she feels something else.

maybe you can ask someone else to kiss it better by rebirth of the phoenix
PG-13 - romance/humor. ďit's no longer a question of staying healthy. it's a question of finding a sickness you like.Ē

ozai's vengeance by fandomme
PG-13 - drama/romance. twelve years after the final battle, zuko summons Katara to heal the victims of an epidemic spreading throughout the fire nation. katara zuko.

rapture by hawkeye116
PG - general/romance. the twists and tangles of love in a fragmented, postwar world. she's not ready for lifelong commitment, and he's not exactly beloved in his new role as fire lord. they'll cope, though. they have to. picks up where 321 left off. zutara. some kataang/maiko.

rhythm of the rain by damagectrl
PG-13 - romance. rebuilding a nation requires sacrifices. knowing that the fire nation would never accept a waterbender as it's lord's wife, katara removes herself from her fledgling romance with zuko and encourages him to find greatness with fire nation noble mai. zutara.

sanctuary by momo the lemur
PG-13 - drama/general. two years after the fateful invasion, katara learns that she must marry the fire nation prince if any sort of peace is to return to the world. she soon learns that living with zuko isn't easy, particularly with a powerful new threat looming... zutara.

smile because it happened by the amber dragonfly
R (rated for sex!) - romance/family. a dangerous threat is loose in the world and threatening their hard-earned peace. the gaang must fight for freedom, love, and friendship- and things will never be the same. zutara, taang, sokki. POST SOZIN'S COMET SPOILERS ETC ETC.

sokka's field guide, I: dealing with women by lady flick
PG-13 - romance/humor. ZUTARA. sokka schools zuko on the ladies.

stormbenders by fandomme
PG-13 - adventure/romance. S3 AU from FBM. deep in the fire nation jungle, the gaang meets a group of rogue water ninja who send zuko and katara on a mission to retrieve ozai's secret battle plans.

the alchemy of fire by shadowhawke
PG-13 - adventure/romance. arc I of a series: the nature of fire is that it transforms, and so after their victory the gaang must deal with the aftermath of 'peace' amidst battle, growth, self-discovery, and the startling changes and beauty of love. based on a slightly AU finale. (also make sure you read the sequels!)

the art of war by inuhanyougirl
PG - romance/humor. since being nice isnít winning katara over, zuko decides that he has to change his tactics. if she wants to war against him, he's accepting the challenge. much chaos and zutara ensues as zuko attempts to use sun tzu's rules of war on katara.

the do's and don'ts by mistress of sarcasm
PG - humor/romance. toph's got some very strict specifications about who can -and CAN'T- date zuko.

the penance series by misora
NC-17 (rated for sex!) - general. the road to forgiveness is long and arduous... just ask zuko. season 3 zutara, following the episodes past 312.

the seventh time by agitated brains
PG-13 - romance/general. she traced the line where healthy skin met burnt. zutara. a little idea i had. please no flames. enjoy.

thermodynamics by fluffernutter
PG - general/romance. energy is neither created nor destroyed. it simply changes form. one-shot.

thirteen nights by nojojojo
NC-17 (rated for sex!) - romance/drama. basically yet another katara-marries-zuko fic.

toph called it love by beacon
G - romance/humor. while others may have been blind, toph could see it all... zutara.

tough by ariteir
PG - general. life in the western air temple isn't all dancing with dragons and epic battles sometimes it's tough. just ask zuko and katara. zutara.

unmatchmakers by jakia
PG-13 - humor/parody. lt. jee and several other soldiers decide to get their fortune told, only to find out that their own prince zuko is going to fall for a waterbender! now, itís a race against time and fate as the solders try to stop this from happening! [zutara humor].

water wedding by atiaran
PG-13 - drama/romance. a fic dealing with zuko's and katara's water tribe wedding, and cultural and personal issues that surface between them. zutara obviously.

what i don't like about you by trombe & artsyelric
PG-13 - general/romance. a prince struggles to change his destiny. an unforgiving waterbender tries to see past the betrayal. fate has decreed them to be enemies from the start but the heart cares not for the laws of the universe. AU ZUTARA starting from the boiling rock.

when the world weighs you down by rabidline
PG-13 - gen/angst. when happily ever after turns out to be not quite happy, katara finds herself trapped in more ways than one. set after the end of the show.

wherever you may be by strata's stargazer
R - romance/action/adventure. the one thing everyone knows is that zuko never gives up, especially when it comes to the girl he let out of his life once before. now trapped in the mountains, he will do everything he can to keep her with him. zuko x katara.