the best fanfiction about the relationship between oliver oken and lilly truscott from hannah montana. cali recommends 13 fanfics in this category:

10 reasons why i can't date oliver by camy99
PG - friendship/romance. oliver and i can't stand each other, yet we're the best of friends. it's quite simple really, but noo our relationship just HAD to be questioned. well i can write a novel for why i can't date oken... as a matter of fact i will! loliver.

accidents happen by ahigheroctave
R - general/drama. things like this weren't supposed to happen to them. they were supposed to happen to miley, she was the drama queen.

between them by simplypink
PG-13 - romance/friendship. it was like every friday. sleepover day. that is till Miley decides to listen in on lilly and oliver's conversation. can she handle what is truely going on between her two best friends.

dear future me by pwnguin
G - romance/humor. saturday afternoon. 3:34 PM. lilly's front porch. usually lilly invites me over with something to do, like watch a movie, or bake a cake, or shoot spitballs at her creepy neighbor kid with the unibrow. but not today. lilly/oliver.

grocery store talking by parakeet17
PG - romance/friendship. whenever you feel embarrassed because he caught you looking at him, just remember something: he was looking back. loliver.

hope is overly used by ariel
PG-13 - humor/romance. falling for your bestfriend can be complicated. [loliver].

hourglass by mr. fishy
R - romance/drama. listen oliver, i can time travel.

it might've been the hamster wheel by hellomynameis-kita
PG-13 - humor/romance. lilly. oliver. a battle of epic proportions. involving shoelaces and the throwing of staples. and post its. plus a little obligatory making out. which is always fun. postWIDLAY.

little secrets by sweetiepie1019
PG - romance/friendship. a loliver fic about that missing moment at the beach party. what else? mindless fluff about who liked who first. enjoy!

oliver's preference by dawnindanite
PG - friendship/humor. lilly and oliver hang out, discussing his love life or lack thereof. hint of loliver.

the trouble with tinkles truscott by amanda j. bruce
G - general/friendship. in which lilly has a crush on the new teacher.

why me by drummer8907
PG-13 - romance/hurt/comfort. i never truly understood why oliver picked me... until now... loliver.

yahoo mail by inevitablefame
PG-13 - humor/friendship. it's the last month of summer, and three best friends are being ripped apart. lily is off to wisconsin to be with her aunt, oliver is in michigan, and miley's filming her new movie. email seems to be their only means of communication...