friendship and bravery
the best fanfiction about the relationship between harry potter and hermione granger from the harry potter books. note: if there is no description to a fic it's because the title is self-explanatory, because the fic is so widely-recognized that it needs no description, or because people on LJ refuse to describe their fics. cali recommends 22 fanfics in this category:

(dirt) off your shoulder. by deadduck008
PG - angst. cali's note: post-DH, epilogue compliant.

12 fail-safe ways to charm witches by crystalline blades
G - romance. ‘this isn’t your average book. it's pure gold… explains everything you need to know about girls. you’d be surprised; it’s not all about wandwork, either.’ what happens when harry puts ron’s birthday present to good use?

a simple question by seersucker
R - romance/angst. it was a simple enough question, really it shouldn't bother her at all: “do you think harry’s ever said ‘i love you’?”

belief by meeker
PG-13 - angst/romance. a missing day after ron departs [DH compliant][ONESHOT].

comforting you by ravenclaw's heir
PG-13 - romance/drama. hermione's crushed by the loss of her parents, and the person she thought would help her go through it has turned their back on her. but there's one person she can always count on, and in more ways than she thought. It starts after the battle at hogwarts but ignores the epilogue.

coming back late by paracelsus
PG-13 - drama/romance. we remember the scene from DH: harry was struck down by the dark Lord, and his spirit seemed to go to king's cross and confer with albus dumbledore. suppose, instead of returning directly to his body, harry's spirit returned late? come watch as the last chapters of the last book unravel and reweave.

finding jane by adamanteve
PG - romance. hermione rediscovers austen, but will she rediscover jane?

in our bedroom, after the war by vipygirl831
R - romance/angst. she wished he would tease her about eavesdropping, nudge her with a crooked smile, or huddle up next to her; whisper in her ear, asking what she’d heard. like he used to. things were different now.

louder than words by scribooty
NC-17 (rated for sex!) - angst/romance. during the war, harry and hermione discover that they belong together. their spouses may not agree.

of lost chances and missed opportunities by lenina20
PG-13 - angst. it's christmas at the burrow, and harry and hermione have an encounter in the middle of the night.

remembrance day by paracelsus
PG - romance/drama. a one-shot H/Hr story that was canon-compliant, including the epilogue -- but which doesn't require dead weasleys, divorced weasleys, or a cheating harry or hermione. that was my goal... read and tell me if it succeeds.

someday by ivesia19
PG-13 - romance/angst. rose weasley has developed an interest in legilimency and the truth about her mother’s relationship with harry potter.

something about you by gryffindorgirl
G - romance/drama. it is the evening of voldemort’s demise and harry discovers that he didn’t escape their final confrontation unscathed. he appears to have inherited some of voldemort’s powers, and hermione is the only one around who can help him. two thirds of the trio must rely on each other again, but this time, it will push them closer than ever. features: hogwarts, flying, school dances, dumbledore, snape, funerals, death eaters, legilimency, the elder wand, angsty ginny, angry ron, powerful harry and hermione just being her incredible self. sticks closely to canon and set directly after the final chapter of DH, conveniently ignoring epilogue. (epilogue… what epilogue?)

tapestry by wizardora
PG - romance/drama. when james potter asks his aunt hermione for homework help he finds more than just 20 year old notes in the margins of her old school books. the secrets he discovers could unravel the tapestry of his whole family. H/Hr eventually (at least from my point of view). ending may not please everyone, its only fair you know in advance.

the heart of the burrow by madelaine
PG-13 - romance. she's been thinking of this day since the last time he saw him, at the wedding. tonight, they're coming. but she's ready. he'll have to listen to her, his girl, this time. please note: this is part of a series! be sure to read the previous parts first.

the keeper by BBruth
R (rated for sex and violence) - angst/mystery. a post DH/post epilogue fic. four years after hermione resigns from her job at the ministry and moves away, she is forced by necessity to ask harry to take care of hugo. harry doesn't know that hugo is his son.

the last death eater by ja japster
R - action/adventure/romance. the war was over and voldemort is dead, but his dark legacy lingers on. though his legions of followers have been killed or captured, one loyal adherent to the dark creed lurks defiantly in the shadows, obsessed with only one thing: the death of harry potter.

the meaning of father by the obsidian warlock
R - romance/mystery. H/Hr; post DH; answer to the super!hermione challenge set by darkphoenix. as harry unravels the legacy left to him in the form of the deathly hallows, hermione is drawn deeper into the mysteries of her growing power. driven by his love for Hermione, harry prepares himself for a battle he knows he cannot survive.

the six times harry potter didn't say "i love you" by greydawning
PG - romance/general.

the truth about love by bingblot
NC-17 (rated for sex!) - romance. hermione granger was his best friend-- until one snub, one hint of scandal changes everything-- and their simple friendship is complicated by marriage. AU regency fic.

the truth about rose weasley by searcy
PG - romance. during one of my recent perusals of [] i read a couple of fics from the truth about rose weasley challenge and this one-shot jumped into my head and wouldn’t leave me alone until i’d given it its due.

uh... what? by viopathartic
PG - humor/romance. very short humorous one-shot: excerpt// “y-you’re—?” the woman asked, barely keeping her disgust out of her tone as she watched the red-haired man chew obnoxiously on a handful of cookies. she meant to ask if he was really hermione’s husband-to-be, but for some reason she couldn’t speak. he smiled, showing particles of previous foods stuck in his teeth. carol, somewhat of an OCD person, flinched and turned her head away. “yep. i’m ronald weasley.” wiping a hand onto his jeans, he stuck it out for her to shake. slowly reaching out as if he carried a dangerous disease, carol briefly touched his hand then drew back. god, that cookie monster is hermione’s fiancé? lord help hermione granger.