royalty of the sun
the best fanfiction about the relationship between seifer almasy and quistis trepe from final fantasy 8. cali recommends 7 fanfics in this category:

a forgotten kiss by nesza
PG-13 - romance. chance meetings. secret kisses. there's a reason why it is called the secret area. seiftis. oneshot.

elan vital by enkida
PG - drama. it's all about seifer and redemption. birthday request for irish ais.

et in arcadia ego by viginti duo
R (rated for gore, language and adult themes) - adventure/mystery. the calm before the storm... whispers of the old gods. the shadow of the magician. choice versus providence. seiftis, post-game.

saltwater by lux aeterna
R (rated for sex!) - romance/drama. after living at the orphanage for a length of time after the war, seifer struggles with his feelings for quistis, while she in turn is baffled and unsettled by her new feelings for someone who could've been the death of them all.

sound of a trembling heart by staceums
R (rated for sex and language) - angst/romance. the real reason seifer almasy wasn't openly promoted to SeeD status. post-FFVIII, after ultimecia's defeat. a take on a seifer-quistis fic based loosely on a few elements from the movie "the departed."

the second time by regann
PG-13 - romance. overanalysis and grand gestures. miscommunication. quistis and seifer reconnect on a midnight train.

this final heaven by ms. starlight
R (rated for sex and language) - adventure/romance. in ancient trabia, a great hero passed on a legend of the end of time. in the future, a sorceress set the pieces moving. and in the present, an unlikely group of heroes stand alone against an unforgiving god. seiferxquistis, squallxrinoa, irvinexselphie.