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the best fanfiction about the relationship between peeta mellark and katniss everdeen from the hunger games trilogy. cali recommends 117 fanfics in this category:

a dandelion in the sun by exquisitelyugly
PG-13 - romance/angst. some of katniss and peeta's moments together after mockingjay that lead to discovery, understanding and healing for both of them. multi-chapter, romance/angst, some sexual situations.

a house divided by elanor87
PG-13 - romance. AU: it has been said that a house divided against itself cannot stand-and the capitol agrees. can peeta and katniss break through the strict segregation laws that polarize panem? to do so peeta must first find a way to shatter the walls around katniss' heart.

a remedy against nightmares by medea smyke
PG - hurt/comfort/family. katniss still suffers from nightmares years after the war. peeta feels helpless, but a remedy is closer than they realize. family fluff and mellark babies. post-MJ one shot.

a typical day by katetoast
PG - general/romance. a typical day, she thought over. it had been an average day, nothing very special to it at all; some may even call it mundane. - a normal day for katniss and peeta, after the war.

after the quell by skylark89
PG-13 - romance/drama. katniss and peeta are both rescued by the rebels at the end of the quarter quell, resulting in various changes in their story. begins with alternate catching fire ending.

all i know by JLaLa
R - family/romance. 'who is she?' the little girl pointed to Katniss bouncing from where she stood. 'we have the same hair!' 'that is your mother, katniss everdeen.' katniss and peeta reunite under the most difficult of circumstances. rated M for adult issues

all this waiting for skies to fall by monroeslittle
R (rated for sex!) - romance/drama. "that's katniss everdeen," he says. "that's the mockingjay's daughter, peeta." AU.

allies by skylark89
PG-13 - romance/friendship. katniss' father never died, so her life has been different in some ways. she and peeta are better acquainted by the time the 74th hunger games take place, which leads to many changes for them.

and your bird can sing by abagail snow
PG-13 - romance/humor. "it's called a publicity stunt, sweetheart. haven't you ever heard of it? people watch someone fall for you and then they love you too." actor peeta mellark and singer katniss everdeen, a modern day love story.

another day, another dollar by therebelliondies
R - drama/romance. AU. katniss is living in an over populated area of the city called the seam. join her as she traverses the hazards of living in industrial north america circa 1900 as she tries to protect her family.

at the broken places by della19
PG-13 - romance. katniss thinks about the answer to the question her husband has never asked. you know, the baby one. the answer surprises no one more than her.

be still and know i am by therebelliondies
R (rated for sex!) - drama/romance. modern AU. after receiving a life-altering call from home, katniss returns home to a tiny rural town in illinois. she doesn't expect old feelings for peeta mellark to arise when he walks back into her life, but she slowly comes to realize that she wouldn't be able to survive this without him. originally written for prompts in panem's everlark week challenge day 5.

because you never really understood by september sorrows
PG - hurt/comfort/romance. peeta gives her everything, and never asks for anything in return. he doesn't believe in debts. thoughts and growth of a character.

benefits by stella luna sky
R (rated for sex!) - romance/hurt/comfort. she thinks she's found the perfect title to describe their relationship, but peeta changes her mind. again. maybe even forever. "don't. don't hide."

between you and i by thekidsofsummer
PG-13 - romance/drama. katniss finally agrees to have a baby with peeta. after mockingjay, before the epilogue.

bliss by dustwriter
R (rated for sex!) - romance/angst. after the fall of north america, life is dismal in district twelve even without the hunger games. katniss must do the unthinkable to save her starving family, but her actions bind her to the baker's son forever.

burned by oddcoupler222
PG-13. peeta mellark thought the worst was over, but with the new quarter quell rules, he knows it's just the beginning. this time he's not a scared boy in love - he's burning with rejection and the need to protect the girl he loves. catching fire in peeta's pov. also make sure you read its prequel: the love games, and its sequel: real or not real!

burning alive by cloverleafsky
R (rated for sex!) - romance/angst. from chapter 18, catching fire, by suzanne collins. do not read if you have not yet reached this point, it will spoil a plot turn.

career training by lady flick
PG-13 - romance/humor. cf. in which peeta whips haymitch and katniss into shape for the 75th hunger games. 'no offense, katniss, but i ran with them for a good part of the hunger games. i think i know them a bit better than you do.'

come to me by cirae
PG-13 - romance/drama. this one-shot is an imagining of the moments in mockingjay from Peeta's point of view, and how they build to and culminate in the final lines of the book.

comfort by lariren shadow
PG - romance/hurt/comfort. she knows that they have four districts to go on their victory tour and she knows the whole train is talking about how he comes to her room every night.

consummation by dank02
R (rated for sex!) - romance/adventure. after katniss and peeta take the next step in their relationship they realize that being free from the capital doesn't mean they'll get their happily ever after.

cruel summer by twilightcakes
R - romance/humor. when katniss signs up to be a camp counselor at camp panem for her summer home from college, she doesn't know what to expect. what she gets is a summer of archery lessons gone awry, cheesy songs by the campfire, and a certain blonde haired, blue eyed counselor she wants to take behind the cabin and get to know better. AU.

do not go gentle by dracoisalooker76
PG-13 - romance/friendship. "they call it the arena. it's where you go to die." modern day AU.

dona nobis pacem by peeta the frosting prince
PG - romance. for peeta mellark, home has many meanings. but it always comes back to her.

either way by bellissimaanima
R - romance/drama. "it would have happened either way," he tells me. "either way," i murmur in response. after the hunger games, katniss returns to district 12 and must sort through her feelings before a very special quarter quell. M for later chapters. adventure in later chapters.

even without the games by booksandblades
PG - romance/adventure. you think peeta/katniss never would have happened if they hadn't been in the games together? well, i have to disagree with you. up ahead: adventure, tinged with romance - so, like the books, but not really.

favor fire by stella luna sky
R (rated for sex!) - romance/hurt/comfort. '...as i watch the strong lines of his arms and the way they steadily hold that brush to create beautiful things, my stomach churns with acidic butterflies, and i think, real or not real?' katniss embraces being the girl on fire at last. pre-epilogue.

finding home by dustwriter
R (rated for sex!) - romance/hurt/comfort. my first fanfic: an AU of how katniss and peeta came to love one another without the hunger games.

five loaves of bread: upside down cake by aimmyarrowshigh
R (rated for language) - romance/drama. how a boy from the seam and the baker's daughter healed old wounds, baked bread, and found poison berries in district twelve. AU.

five times peeta almost proposed by one.twilight.sun
PG - romance. sometimes, asking the love of your life to marry you can be an impossible task.

five words peeta only says at night by aimmyarrowshigh
R (rated for sex!) - romance/hurt/comfort. their first time was everything that one would think a first sexual encounter between a virginal baker and his huntress would be...

for you to notice me by tigers24
R (rated for sex!) - romance/humor. AU - modern day. peeta has been in love with katniss since the sixth grade. he spends the next six years just trying to get her to notice him.

ghosts with just voices by monroeslittle
R (rated for sex and violence) - romance/drama. "i have a secret for you," he says, his breath warm against her cheek. "the top floor," he whispers. "if you hurry, you might be able to stop it." AU. katniss makes a deal with snow that changes everything.

grow together by miss scarlett 05
PG-13 - romance/hurt/comfort. pre-epilogue mockingjay. how katniss and peeta slowly pick up the pieces and begin again.

growing new wings by skylark89
PG-13 - romance/hurt/comfort. following their return to district 12 after the war, katniss and peeta grow back together.

heat by sparkly faerie
R (rated for sex!) - romance. oneshot. he makes you feel beautiful. and with your battle and fire-scarred body, that's quite an accomplishment. smut.

i am strong by booksandblades
PG - hurt/comfort/family. katniss and peeta explain to their daughter about everything. they tell her the story, they show her the book, and they share how they can stand it. (cali's note: this one's more of an OC/OC thing, but neither of those OCs would've existed if there wasn't peeta/katniss in the background, so...)

i could never hate you by mountainair
PG-13 - romance/hurt/comfort. "being here in peeta's arms, i feel a new appreciation for the suffering. because with it, came this." what would happen if one morning, peeta woke up and the hijacking no longer affected him? takes place in mockingjay.

i do by halfhope
PG-13 - drama/romance. what i think would've happened if the quarter quell hadn't occurred. katniss and peeta are married, but how much of it is an act? will they be puppets to the capitol, or will they find a way to break free?

kisses from katniss by withloveoresteia
PG - romance/general. a one-shot of peeta mellark's point of view in the hunger games about katniss' kisses.

kissing lessons with finnick by miss scarlett 05
PG-13 - humor/romance. finnick gives katniss some advice when they meet on the victory tour. A/U fluff, silliness and an excessive amount of liplocks and lip balm. (cali's note: there IS some finnick/katniss in this, so be warned if that's not your thing).

knot your fingers through mine by monroeslittle
R - romance/drama. AU. peeta and katniss and the american civil war.

legend by HGRomance
R (rated for sex!) - romance/adventure. people in the kingdom whispered about a legend: a boy with a bow. they said he took up residence in the woods, hiding out while committing random acts of kindness, namely stealing from the rich and giving to the poor. AU.

letters from the sky by hgfan1111
R - romance/drama. one of these days they'll know they are truly free. until then, the battle continues. post-mockingjay, disregards epilogue. katniss/peeta.

love you long time by jazzylittlemonster
R - romance/family. katniss becomes a mail order bride to feed her starving family. the american husband who chooses her is a war veteran named peeta mellark. will being married to him be as awful as she anticipates or will he surprise her? modern AU.

masterpiece by alambil felicis
PG-13 - romance/hurt/comfort. '...so please don't go. don't give up. if you do, i would too.' peeta's eyes got blurry as tears finally flow. 'so now, it's my turn to say this to you... stay with me.' 'always,' katniss answered.

maybe it's just me by bleedtoloveher
PG-13 - romance. my name is katniss everdeen. i am 16 years old. i live in district 12. my best friend has just won the 74th annual hunger games. AU. rating may change for later chapters.

mine, always by skylark89
PG-13 - romance/friendship. one-shot: katniss and peeta are reunited in district 13. he's not hijacked and seeing him again makes her realize how much she cares about him. fluff.

music and the beast by anotherdarnapple
R (rated for mature themes) - romance/drama. modern day AU. caught up in a ruse to stay away from her past, top talent manager, katniss hawthorne wasn't one for music or romance. but there might just be someone brave enough to bring the music back into her life. implied K/C, K/G, but ultimately K/P.

my first date with katniss everdeen by holymfwickee
PG-13 - romance/friendship. AU. take a deep breath. wipe the sweat off your hands. don't let her scowl make you nervous. you're only talking to the girl you've been in love with your entire life.

my kingdom come by monroeslittle
R (rated for sex!) - romance. the twelve places where katniss and peeta weren't raised.

never going back again by abagail snow
R (rated for drug usage and sexual situations) - romance/crime. in panem you're either a "have," who lives in the capitol district, the gated community on the north side of town, or a "have-not," who lives in the seam, a field filled with double wide trailers. those from the seam will never call the capitol district home. modern day, part 1 of the "rumours" series.

no more owed by enna energe
PG-13 - friendship/romance. katniss knows she owes the boy with the bread, and she hates the obligation. but now she has a chance to repay her debt. occurs pre-hunger games.

not afraid by iloverynmar
M (rated for sex!) - romance. "i want to touch him. i want him to touch me. i want him to stop being so angry and afraid and help him remember about us." takes place after peeta asks to talk to katniss in mockingjay.

notorious by sens-logi
R (rated for sex and violence!) - romance/drama. AU. katniss is the school's party girl, heiress to her rich uncle snow and cato's girlfriend. she never noticed the straight-laced, bookish and shy peeta, who has secretly loved her since they were children. until one night changes everything.

open windows by annwyd
PG - hurt/comfort/romance. a bad dream chases katniss into a late-night conversation with peeta. set between the first book and the second.

paper cuts and patchwork phoenixes by belladonnacullen
R (rated for sex!) - romance/angst. when one paragraph just isn't enough... when fade to black's not an option. from planting primroses to katniss saying "real", the expanded, hopefully inoffensive, unauthorized version. KxP, canon.

peeta mellark's five favorite things to bake by aimmyarrowshigh
PG-13 - hurt/comfort. peeta mellark is ninety-six years old and the most beloved person in the coal estate, which was once – a long time ago, now – known as district 12.

playing with the odds by lovepeeta
PG-13 - romance. what if prim's name had never been drawn? would katniss have fallen in love with peeta anyway? or would she have ended up with gale without her staged romance with peeta? this is a story about what would have happened if the reaping had gone differently.

pure by traviosita9124
R (rated for sex!) - romance/angst. katniss takes comfort in peeta after discovering darius has been made an avox. gale's thoughts as he watches the games. and peeta reflects before shocking panem... again. slight AU, but mostly set during "catching fire."

questions by sunshiiine23
R (rated for sex!) - romance/hurt/comfort. peeta's return to district 12 changes something in katniss. despite the pain and hardships, she allows herself to hope for better.

ragged edges by silvercistern
R (rated for sex!) - romance/hurt/comfort. "everything after this moment defies description." a cut scene from the list written upon misshoneywell's request.

range of motion by fnur
R (rated for sex!) - romance/family. range of motion is the distance that a movable object may normally travel while properly attached to another. katniss everdeen is sent to physical therapy to help her range of motion after a shoulder injury. she did not expect the therapy, or the friendly patient she meets there, to be the catalyst for making motion in her life.

real or not real? by jackbadjuju
R (rated for sex!) - romance/angst. a series of one shots about peeta & katniss after the third book. chapters will range in various lengths, genres, & content. quotes featured from the books.

refuge by dustwriter
R (rated for sex and sensitive topics) - romance/hurt/comfort. AU: district twelve struggles to recover from the revolution that tore the country apart years ago, and the eldest everdeen daughter sacrifices her freedom to help her starving family. but even in the darkest places and times, refuge can be found.

reversal by technicolor-dreaming
PG-13 - romance/angst. because sometimes recovery tends to make you feel like you're doing everything backwards.

road of revolution by pearl-and-locket
R - romance/drama. what if things were different after the first games? how will their future change after drastic changes to the government changes their lives.

roses and pearls by halfhope
PG-13 - romance/angst. i know what katniss everdeen did to me. and no, i'm not crazy. post-CF AU.

saving the boy by embracing-immensity
PG-13 - suspense/romance. what if katniss won the 71st hunger games? three years later, it's time for the reaping and effie trinket chooses a person she never wanted to see in the games. what will she do to make sure he gets home alive?

scars by holymfwickee
R (rated for sex!) - romance/hurt/comfort. post-CF. peeta is rescued from the capitol by katniss and her band of rebels; however, after months of torture it is unknown if he will survive. it is also unknown if katniss will survive if he doesn't. majority written prior to the publication of MJ.

siren's song by bleedtoloveher
G - romance. the victory tour's stop in district 4. response to promptsinpanem's everlark week on tumblr.

sister winter by ahundreddoves
R (rated for sex!) - hurt/comfort/romance. very long oneshot, AU, katniss/peeta. in an abandoned cabin miles away from where they lived, they met and found home.

skin by inconstantsea
R (rated for language and sex!) - hurt/comfort/romance. the uprising may be over, but the repercussions—the aftershocks of grief—are far from faded. the final chapter of mockingjay in peeta's POV.

slow and steady wins the race by jazzylittlemonster
PG-13 - romance/friendship. over the years he waits to stop feeling like a five year old with a crush around her. he doesn't. AU. prim & peeta weren't reaped. without hunger games throwing them together will peeta get a chance with his dream girl? oneshot. moments from their lives.

someday by bleedtoloveher
R - romance. and, someday, maybe you'll love me back. modern day AU.

sparks amongst the ashes by silver sniper of night
R - angst/romance. in the aftermath of the revolution, katniss and peeta return to 12 and attempt to heal. however, returning to a world that no longer exists is not easy. a different look at the last chapter of mockingjay.

stay with me by limerent object
PG-13 - romance. peeta has been looking out for katniss for most of his life. katniss has been trying to forget she owes him everything. when their paths are forced to cross again at west virginia university, they both get a second chance to make things right. very AU!

stories of us by ameiko
R - romance/hurt/comfort. AU. katniss never imagined that the great war would change her life in the secluded PA woods, but it did. she also never imagine that crippled soldier peter "peeta" mellark could heal her heart.

surviving by queenbrooke
PG-13 - romance/hurt/comfort. "katniss will choose whoever she thinks can't survive without." she thinks she can survive without anyone, though. she knows she can. mockingjay, pre-epilogue.

terrors and joys by halfhope
PG-13 - family. how exactly did peeta convince katniss to have children? what made her change her mind?

the coveted one by fanpire4000
R (rated for sex!) - romance/drama. AU. katniss and peeta were never reaped, but when their parents remarry, the new siblings struggle to fight their growing attraction for each other. and with a revolution on the horizon, forbidden romance is just one of their problems.

the embers by lildizzle
R - romance/hurt/comfort. my take on what happens post-mockingjay, written alternately from peeta's and katniss' points of view. a tale of what could be. looking for some well-written, in canon goodness?

the end is the beginning by spanglemaker9
R (rated for sex!) - romance. post-mockingjay/ pre-epilogue. an expansion of katniss and peeta rediscovering each other.

the first time by annieoakley1
R (rated for sex!) - romance. everlark the summer of 2012. when peeta is about to go off to college, katniss starts to see him in a different light.

the girl from the seam by rasberrygirl
PG-13 - romance. "so it wasn't just my imagination...the girl from the seam has been watching me as well." semi-chronological one shots about the ever evolving relationship between peeta and katniss. various POVs.

the good wife by silvercistern
R (rated for sex!) - romance/friendship. "you're an awful wife, sweetheart." he's said worse, and so have i, but something about this, maybe the fact that this is the second time i've been told the same thing in one day, makes me burst into tears. katniss discovers that being married is hard.

the list by silvercistern
PG-13 - romance/hurt/comfort. "the list that dr. aurelius and i had made together was burning a hole in my pocket. a list of triggers. a list of things i should avoid." peeta comes home.

the list of words by mykonstantine
R (rated for sex!) - hurt/comfort/romance. "i'll add it to the list of words i use to try to figure you out." katniss and peeta are forced to confront their demons as they struggle to make sense of their new complex relationship back in district 12. pre-epilogue.

the long walk home by peski0piksi
PG-13 - drama/romance. after a traumatizing event, katniss finds herself having to rely on a new friend. AU-set in the world of panem as we know it from the books, but the hunger games don't exist.

the luxury and the necessity by devanrae
R (rated for sex!) - romance/hurt/comfort. after the games, life slowly returns to normal in district 12. as katniss heals, she finally begins to turn to peeta for physical affection and accept his love. both katniss and peeta's POV.

the reason by miss mustang
R - suspense/romance. AU. for years NYPD detective katniss everdeen had lived only for her and her sister's survival. she had structured routines and avoided "feelings". but when a lively eighteen year old, a pair blue eyes and 'the hunger games case' manage to turn her life upside down; she finds that there are much better reasons to live for.

the same mistakes by politiksandprose
PG-13 - romance/friendship. "this is not up for discussion, katniss. you two are spending the summer at uncle haymitch's, and that is it." in one summer, peeta mellark is able to turn katniss everdeen's upside down. set in present-day. AU.

the sun is gonna shine by monroeslittle
R (rated for sex!) - romance/drama. "but whatever the reason, if you are pregnant, would it be so bad?" post-mockingjay.

the tiny peeta diaries by aimmyarrowshigh
PG - humor/family. a series of events around district twelve as seen through the eyes of five-year-old peeta mellark, the earnest and inquisitive son of the baker.

the unrecorded hours by hollycomb
R (rated for sex!) - romance/drama. katniss and peeta in the weeks and months after the war.

the water is rising quick by monroeslittle
R (rated for sex!) - romance. "who told you about sex?" his mother demands, furious. she stabs the air in front of her with her fork. "answer me. i need to know who told my eight-year-old son about sex. answer me."

the way back by katnissinme
PG-13 - hurt/comfort/romance. post-mockingjay, pre-epilogue, a story of how peeta and katniss find one another again, and begin anew. friendship, romance, resilience, hope. mostly peeta & katniss POV.

there are worse games to play by 3mindy3
PG - hurt/comfort/family. katniss is upset after watching her children play a certain game in the field, but peeta is always there to calm her down. post-mockingjay one-shot from katniss's POV.

there comes you by dakota423
R (rated for sex!) - romance/hurt/comfort. hHe is like the sun: the bringer of light to the frail little dandelion inside of me.' plagued by their inner demons, katniss and peeta find a way to come together again and be whole. post-mockingjay.

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