beauty and the magician
the best fanfiction about the relationship between hiiragizawa eriol and daidouji tomoyo from card captor sakura. cali recommends 21 fanfics in this category:

a capella by kit spooner
PG-13 - romance/drama. tragedy tears tomoyo from her home and brings her closer to the one person who can understand her sadness: hiiragizawa eriol.

akogare by milchstrasse
G - romance. my take on eriol and tomoyo. definitely not CCS canon.

all in the game of love by mysterio000
PG-13 - romance. AU ExT. tomoyo's an optimistic and cheerful girl. eriol is just simply cool and has a kick-ass attitude. both are popular in school. both dislikes each other. until they were dared to be a couple for 5 weeks!

close up by syaoran no hime
PG-13 - romance/humor. for a birthday gift to annoy her best friend's boyfriend, tomoyo decides to give li syaoran a special videotape containing hours of nothing but hiiragizawa goodness. eriol cooperates heartily. she ends up getting more than she bargained for.

color coordinated by boredjm
PG-13 - romance/general. eriol and tomoyo remeet as adults and become close friends. a letter comes asking for tomoyo's return to tomoeda for sakura and syaoran's wedding. complication and drama ensues.

crown of silver, heart of tin by tori-chan
G - romance/fantasy. crystal castles and lakes of glass... eriol tells a fairy tale late one night that comes painfully close to revealing something locked carefully in tomoyo's heart. (T+E, involves the fairy tale "the tin soldier.")

diamond sky by yuncyn
G - romance/humor. five years have passed by and everyone's grown up. some, a little lonelier than others.

faking it by shattered midnight dreams
PG - romance. ExT + lil SxS. skater boy eriol wants preppy cheerleader sakura, so he enlists the help of tomoyo to turn him into a prep. but what will happen if he falls in love with the one who transforms him?

gate keeper by virgo writer
PG-13 - humor/romance. agreement for dating kinomoto touya's evil camera wielding second cousin on behalf of daidouji sonomi. i the undersigned, hiragizawa eriol henceforth known as the devil incarnate do hereby agree to comply with the following conditions on pain of death.

glass roses by shattered midnight dreams
PG - romance. ExT. handsome young bachelor hiiragizawa eriol sees a beautiful new girl working in his local bakery. he makes it his goal to get to know her, and so we begin a tale of two lonely people slowly falling together...

haikei by ciircee
PG - romance/general. when eriol left japan tomoyo promised to write. a history of time, in letters. ExT. part of third arc universe. also read its sequel kitaku (rated R)!

hello beautiful by kaelaa
PG - romance/general. then there is the other sort of couple. the two people that were perfect for each other in every single way yet for some unfathomable reason just never got together. that dubious honour went to eriol and tomoyo and this is their story.

icebreakers by suppi-chan
PG-13 - humor/romance. breaking ice, breaking patterns, learning new ways and new loves. eriol and tomoyo fall in love reluctantly.

letters by anamoriel
G - romance. ExT eriol comes back to tomoeda after a 7 year absence, pining for kaho, while tomoyo struggles to control her feelings about sakura's upcoming wedding...

lie to me by suppi-chan
R (rated for sex) - romance/angst. say I'm the only one. [ExT]

masquerade by ekai ungson
PG-13 - romance. daidouji tomoyo is the daughter of the infamous flame, the most famous harlot in the country. the time comes when she is forced to marry a rich lord, Hhiiragizawa eriol, with devastating circumstances. explicit themes, see the rating.

nakoudo (matchmaker) by syaoran no hime
PG-13 - romance/general. tomoyo is the great matchmaker for the tomoeda lovebirds, but will she succeed in finding her own match, her one true love? what if her match stopped believing in love already? ET.

of things unexpected by saltedlily
G - romance/humor. hong kong university, seven years later. reunions, romance, classes, parents, magic, evil plans, laughter galore. oh yeah, and a wedding. SS, ET

sitting on my shoulder by candyland
PG - romance/humor. [one-shot] frustrated by their humans lack of romance, eriol and tomoyo's shoulder-angels and shoulder-devils decide it's time for a little bit of divine intervention.

something to talk about by suppi-chan
PG - humor/romance. eriol is being stalked. by tomoyo. evile insues.

the blue eagle and the raven nightingale by syaoran no hime
PG-13 - romance/general. tomoyo returns to tomoeda after five years and finds everything changed. little does she know that her own life would take a turn too, when she meets her fiance... E+T