end of the world
the best fanfiction from the neon genesis (shin seiki) evangelion fandom. note: some of these don't have summaries because... well, they're just so well-known that no one bothers to describe them now. but believe me, they're all great. you don't need to know much about them beforehand-- i assure you, you will love them. cali recommends 15 fanfics in this category:

a throne of bayonets by LVDB
R - general. in the year 2020, the world is still reeling from third Impact. the three unfinished MP EVAs have been completed, and shinji and asuka have been called to berlin to pilot once again. but the new regime isn't the only one interested in the children...

asuka langley, ex-poser by ka-wing tam
G - humor. a scheming asuka and her 'victim' shinji...

asuka, shinji, and the thousand cranes by random1377
PG - waff. a short story about finding what you need... even if you don't know you need it.

eva-R by the eva-R team
R - general. our intention? to better understand the creative process it takes to realize so vast and complex a vision as GAINAX undertook, while exploring the unanswered and sometimes unasked questions that lay within the original series itself.

evangelion genocide: extended by rommel
PG-13 - drama/adventure. three months after kaoru's death, NERV and its people struggle to put the pieces back together in preparation for renewed angel attacks. shinji, however, must still come to grips with both his duty as an eva pilot and those who are closest to his heart.

HERZ by ee-long toh
rating unknown - general. we begin our story in 2027. it is a tale of continuity within change. a vision of the future. the old themes of love and war. the children making choices that will determine the destiny of mankind...

higher learning by strike fiss
R - drama/romance.

holding hands by strike fiss
PG-13 - romance. love sometimes needs a little push... or punch.

on growing roses... by karina kineshi
rating unknown - waff/romance. asuka takes it upon herself to verse shinji in a delicate form of art that ALL men should know how to command...

overwrite by drano
PG-13 - humor/general. what could possibly go wrong on the movie set of evangelion? but then again, what could possibly go right? supposedly humorous.

role-playing by lara bartram & ammadeau
PG-13 - general/humor.

shinji the casanova by strike fiss
PG-13 - romance/humor. amazing what a good meal and some music can do...

the best laid plans by ryoma
PG-13 - romance/humor. who will shinji end up with, asuka, rei or hikari? and who was the mastermind behind this elaborate scheme?

the one i love is... by alain gravel
R - romance/general.

when she smiles by fresh c
PG-13 - drama/romance.. love hurts. but it's all worth it when she smiles.