two of a kind
the best fanfiction about the relationship between sagara sanosuke and takani megumi from rurouni kenshin. cali recommends 10 fanfics in this category:

a matter of choice by kristen elizabeth
NC-17 (rated for sex) - romance. when sano returns to japan, will the one woman he came back for still be waiting for him?

a road less traveled by tin
PG-13 - suspense. not your typical ghost story. cali's note: since tin has moved this and some of her other series to her yahoo group, and it doesn't have an open membership (you need her permission to join), i've taken the liberty of archiving it in my domain. i undertand if the author herself wishes me not to do so, and if it is necessary, i will take it down. unfortunately, i only have archived up until chapter 11 right now. more chapters coming soon.

an unexpected love story by fireblazie
PG - humor/romance. sanosuke realizes he's falling in love. what does he do? [sanomegu]

crayon rainbow by doctor megumi
G - general. megumi has to babysit ayame and suzume on top of managing the clinic. what does she do? will she be able to handle it?

empty chairs at empty tables by ashfae
PG - drama. a songfic starring sanosuke.

episode 95: the untold story by karina kineshi
G - romance/drama. a sanosuke x megumi fanfic. what REALLY happened during the last episode of rurouni kenshin... includes flashbacks. if you like fuzzy feelings, you'll love this...

fire by ashfae
PG - romance. a story from megumi's perspective. there's been an arsonist loose on tokyo, and all of megumi's old fears about fire are haunting her... not to mention thoughts about a certain rooster-headed twit... also make sure you read its companion fics: spark and glow!

in his words by selene chou
G - romance. yet ANOTHER POV fic, this time from sanosuke's...

last battle of the bakumatsu by sdb
R - action/adventure/romance. based on the manga, a sano-megumi story set five years after sano left japan.

the handcuff chronicles by karina kineshi
PG-13 - drama/romance. the one and only fox doctor is to be HANDCUFFED to our resident ganster for two whole weeks. who knows what mayhem will ensue?