the best general fanfiction from the rurouni kenshin fandom. note: i tend to like my RK fics silly and fluffy. i'm sure there are plenty of wonderful kenshin darkfics out there but, uh, i probably haven't read them. there are some here but the vast majority are light and sweet. you've been warned. you want angst, go watch the OVAs. cali recommends 15 fanfics in this category:

a beauty queen's ultimate guide to men & pageants by chibi-angel/dementedchris
G - romance/humor. [A/U] what is the essence of a true woman? read how kaoru, misao and megumi snag their men in this light-hearted A/U romance fic that will not only teach you lessons about love, but on life, too. K/K, S/M, and A/M/S.

a new era by ardith s.
G - romance/comedy. takes place after the events of the manga series. written before the end of rurouni kenshin by watsuki nobuhiro.

a road less traveled by tin
PG-13 - suspense. not your typical ghost story. cali's note: since tin has moved this and some of her other series to her yahoo group, and it doesn't have an open membership (you need her permission to join), i've taken the liberty of archiving it in my domain. i undertand if the author herself wishes me not to do so, and if it is necessary, i will take it down. unfortunately, i only have archived up until chapter 11 right now. more chapters coming soon.

cover girls by selene4
PG-13 - romance/humor. it's six weeks till christmas and the bank's forclosing, what can three young women possibly do to save their home and their business by christmas eve?

fever dreams by sekihara tae
G - drama. kenshin becomes delirious with fever, and confuses present with past.

initiations by prudence-chan
NC-17 (rated for sex) - romance. misao turns eighteen, and aoshi has to teach her a few onmitsu lessons.

izou hen: the legacy arc by prudence-chan
PG-13 - action/adventure/drama. in meiji 26 (1891), the remaining kenshingumi members reunite again. now that kenshin and kaoru are gone, it's up to them the mission of protecting japan. S+M, Y+T, A+M, and 15-year-old kenji-kun, of course. after-seisou hen, OVA spoilers ahead!

JIA case files: street of tokyo by istoria
G - action/adventure/romance. A/U modern day tokyo. a cop and a yakuza. an informant and a detective. a street thug and a doctor. a threat against tokyo. can these six people find a way to stop a yakuza takeover? or will they just be the next victims? make sure you read its sequels: boulevard of las vegas and canals of venice!

kakusei: awakening by shimizu hitomi
G - angst/romance. a fallen doctor. a forgotten spy. under the power-hungry businessman takeda kanryuu, two lonely souls begin to forge a strange but delicate relationship. pre-series. when dreams, memory, and reality become one... (aoshi-megumi)

mind of the woman by anna-neko
PG-13 - romance/comedy. how deep can kenshin go into kaoru's mind? the answer may surprise you! also make sure to read its sidestory: heart of the woman (rated R)!

mirai no yakusoku by ardith s.
PG-13 - romance/angst. death, reincarnation, and everlasting love.

mismatched by yuki
PG - romance/humor. a visit to kyoto... and the couple swapping begins! will misao, kaoru and megumi find their true love?

only time can tell by flori-dono
PG-13 - romance. obviously, yutarou's one-month stay in tokyo was pretty much productive. make sure you look for part 4-- it's not in the same document, but it IS in the site!

seven brides for seven swordsmen by sekihara tae
G - humor. think "seven brides for seven brothers," but with the RK characters as the cast.

that which lingers by madamhydra
PG-13 - action/adventure. the dark and bloody past returns to haunt kenshin and saitoh with a vengeance. it all starts with a series of unexplained deaths and misao's fateful encounter with saitoh's wife and a mysterious black sword.