our love song
the best fanfiction about the relationship between ishida yamato and takenouchi sora from digimon adventure 01 & 02. cali recommends 27 fanfics in this category:

against the sunrise by arcynic
G - general. one sleepless night in the digital world, takenouchi sora gains some insight on the mind of a certain ishida yamato. [oneshot]

aphrodisiac by inconnu
PG-13 - romance/general. SORATO "thanks for the ride, womanizer." "no problem, ice queen." after high school rumors fade, sora and yamato can't deny the facts that there's something more than bitter resentment between them. "just admit it, you fell for her. again."

brothers and sisters by theladyknight
PG - friendship/romance. this love thing was way over his head. still, takeru couldn't help but think his brother and sora definitely had some potential for the future. he suddenly made a face, realizing he was starting to sound WAY too much like mimi. S/Y one-shot between 01/02.

chinese whispers by rialisis
PG-13 - drama/romance. [SORATO] matt and sora have been dating for just under two weeks now and at school the rumours are spreading like grass fire. what is everybody talking about matt for? and why is he the last one to know? revised.

dreams and wish by insaneinsane
PG - romance/action/adventure. sora and yamato are friends and nothing can ever change that....not until their future kids came and surprised them about the fate that happened in their family years from now.

good match by minda
PG - romance. sorato, jyoumi 'finally! i knew i could do it! what a good match!! now who's next...?'

if you by chichamunkyhead
R - romance/angst. sora poses as yama's girlfriend... sorato, takari, jyoumi, hint of kenyako. that's all of a summary you're getting!

it's only just a quiz by theladyknight
PG - humor/general. they’re kind of dumb, a bit funny, and kind of pointless. i mean, they’re just quizzes. just quizzes? taichi, yamato, and sora entertain themselves with a gift from mimi. oneshot friendship fic.

love you more by iM-a-ReBeL
PG-13 - romance/drama. sorato. canon. yamato is temporarily living with sora and her parents. being in a long term relationship at seventeen gets harder once you start sleeping one bedroom down from your girlfriend.

marital mess by banana flavored eskimo
PG-13 - romance/humor. sora takenouchi has a big problem. there's a stranger by the name of yamato ishida in her bed. what makes matters worse is that she's married to him. what's a girl to do? SORATO

muse by abi-j
G - romance. [sorato] well it's about time. so what happens when yamato invites sora to one of his gigs? it's all about learning to take a risk. especially when something is so right.

pirates by windedlove
PG-13 - general. a brave, bold, and fearless captain. a spicy, defiant, gorgeous slave girl. will they find love? and if they do, what will they do about the captain's rule? (bad summary, SORATO!)

playing the part by abi-j
PG-13 - romance/humor. [smabbi-san] two very unlikely members of the digidestined get cast in roles that they never really wanted, roles that will require them to get quite *close*.

playlist by nickygirl
PG-13 - romance/general. collection of oneshots. fearless: "you're crazy, you know." he grabbed at my hands and pulled me towards him. behind us, the song on the radio changed into some slow song. "and very cliché. in the rain, really? can you get any more corny than this?"

pretty baby by broken and discarded
R - romance/humor. sora and tai are the 'IT' couple at their high school; loved and adored by all. everything seems perfect - that is until matt comes into sora's life. he's rude, cocky, brutally real... and could just be what opens sora's eyes. sorato!

reconciliations by abi-j
G - romance/drama. sorato. set after episode 50 and based on the rumor that sora and yamato are seperated. sometimes you can't fight what's in your heart, sometimes you say things you don't mean... sometimes, you just need a chance to make things right.

rediscovering destiny by theladyknight
PG-13 - romance/drama. fame was never something they sought. but after the defeat of malomyotismon, it was all they received. fame pulled them apart, corrupted their crests, and put the digital world in danger again. they must join together as an old enemy returns...

skin by hayleywilliams
PG-13 - general/romance. "this is the best welcome home present ever." he whispered in my neck. the moist touch of his lips tickling my neck made me exhale sharply. "i agree. maybe you should always go on tour." completely sorato.

that dream you chased by abi-j
PG-13 - romance/angst. [sorato] she reached out and pulled the photo off the fridge. the magnet clattered to the floor. she stared at the picture for a moment, taking a deep breath. “nothing’s going on, yamato.” she looked him in the eye, “this is your son."

the game of life by theladyknight
PG-13 - romance/humor. sora and yamato get paired up with each other for an unusual school project. but falling in love was never included in the project’s description...

the morning after by lime-lizard
R - drama/angst. the title is self-explanatory.

three's company by schnickledooger
G - friendship/humor. matt's first meeting with tai and sora. pre-season 01. chibi-cuteness.

to the highest bidder by theladyknight
PG-13 - romance/humor. AU "all you two have to do is pretend you're a couple for the next like, two months, and then yama, you'll be jun-free and fangirl free." sora thought it would be easy posing as yama's girlfriend... until she fell for him...

under the surface by tripletvo
PG-13 - friendship/romance. almost six years after the chosen children were brought together, taichi, yamato, sora, and koushiro give summer camp another try - in the process, renewing old friendships and figuring out where the paths to the rest of their lives lie. a sorato.

undercover by theladyknight
R - drama/angst. AU “sora, you will be our inside informant, posing as ms. new york…” she's not the beauty pageant type of girl, but NYPD officer sora takenouchi will do anything to join the FBI, including pose as a beauty queen and put up with a new blond boss...

what 'love' means to me by theladyknight
PG-13 - romance/drama. what if it had been sora and not mimi who had moved to new york? through old memories and songs, a certain blonde reveals his feelings. SORATO!

you practically rock by unproper grammar
PG-13 - romance. [it is she that gives him his inspiration. she is his muse, his magic, his lyrics, rhythm and rhyme. and god, he loves it.] [sorato]