endless dream
the best general fanfiction from the inuyasha fandom. note: most of these are inu/kag and/or mir/san. just so you know. cali recommends 26 fanfics in this category:

2004 dorei youkai tokyo by midoriko-sama
R - romance/action/adventure. AU: life is hard when you are part of the race everybody hates. you can only blind the blinded. until you find someone who isn't blind and you're not willing to lie to her even if it meant your life [inukag]

a miroku and sango oneshotter by thunk
PG-13 - romance. the title says it all. ruefully coming to terms with miroku's womanizing, sango prepares to embark on a future that doesn't include him. but miroku has no intention of letting her go, and fesses up to an unlikely secret that leaves her shocked

as you wish by keolla
R - humor/romance. AU: once upon a time, kagome controlled inuyasha with simple prayer beads. forget that. what if during modern tokyo... kagome is forced to be his reluctant personal ‘slave’ for two weeks? let the controlling games begin. inukag

beast by ikustioa
R - humor/romance. a modern take on an old french fairy tale: kagome's dad repays some supernatural hospitality the wrong way, and... you know the rest. or do you?

beneath the tangles by everyheart1806
PG-13 - romance/action/adventure. granddaughter of the wealthiest man in japan, kagome begins to take her spot in the business world when attempts are made on her life. enter inuyasha, a rookie police officer sent to protect her...

big trouble comes in small packages by artemismoon
PG-13 - humor/romance. AU (inukag) down on his luck, inuyasha needs an easy way to earn some money when sesshoumaru 'offers' him a job. will a hopeless bachelor like inuyasha be able to handle the task, or will it cause him to end up swearing off kids forever?

bond of blood by the mouse
PG-13 - romance/action/adventure. STRONG LANGUAGE - five years have passed since the shikon no tama has been restored and hidden from the world. kagome, defying her okaasan's strict orders, has returned to sengoku jedai to the place and person where her heart demanded she return to.

bottled genius by rozefire
PG-13 - humor/romance. AU. IYkag. kagome is down on her luck, so when she rubs the bottle of the genie inuyasha, she thinks her life has changed for the better.

comrade in arms by personification of fluff
R (rated for sex) - romance/drama. AU, SM. miroku and sango have been reincarnated into the future. wow. that’s the plot. wait! what? when they meet, they hate each other! was the last life time just a fluke, or are these two souls really meant to be together? only time will tell! make sure you also read its prequels: dressing wounds and complete and unconditional!

courtship of kagome by arisu-the-pink
PG-13 - romance/general. finding the balance between his demon and human instincts in day-to-day life is difficult enough. why would it be any easier in love? join inuyasha and company for a lesson in courtship.

dead famous by rozefire
R - romance/drama. inukag. AU. The most wanted prize bachelor is up for grabs... but the one who gets him is the only one who doesn’t want to keep him...

demon zoo by arisu-the-pink
R - mystery/romance. AU inukag sessrin mirsan: kagome, sango, and miroku work at a youkai-hanyou zoo. inuyasha is the star hanyou. what will happen when they discover their boss naraku committing malicious crimes? how is sesshy involved?

different colors by moon prynces
PG-13 - romance/humor. kagome is forced to 'visit' her bad boy cousin, miroku, for an entire year. she meets inuyasha, who is also in the same gang, sango the only person to stand up to them, kouga the guy with a crush on her, naraku their 'enemy' and everybody else...

helping hands by wendigo
R - romance/mystery. AU dr. kagome higurashi was your average veterinarian until she acquires a strange patient, who's in bigger trouble than he ever realized. wonder if there's a law against vetpatient relationships... (IYkag, MS)

his by arisu-the-pink
PG-13 - drama/romance. seventeen-year-old kagome takes teasing a bit too far one day with dire consequences. to protect inuyasha from guilt, will she hide his most shameful secret forever? (inukag, includes kouga)

king of the hill by super ceech
PG - romance/humor. when kagome, sango and ayame went to spend two weeks at a hot ski resort, they never expected to meet and hang out with arrogant professional ski racers, inuyasha and kouga, and their perverted friend, miroku. let the chaos begin! pairings: IK, MS, KA

make me love you by lara winner
NC-17 (rated for sex) - romance. miroku plays doctor to an injured sango and only wants to make her feel better...

once upon a sundae by sadistic shadow
PG-13 - romance/humor. kagome, sango and hojo all work in shikon shoppe, the new ice cream parlor in town. it all starts with their obnoxious manager-in-disguise and an age-old question, proving all the while that even the sweetest of things can be bitter.

pirate pash by sorena
PG-13 - action/adventure/romance. AU: on the way home with her brother's medicine one evening, kagome is attacked and abducted by heartless pirates, and is sent to be killed by the captain of the ship himself. will inuyasha be cruel enough to throw her off the plank? IYkag

prince charming by light derived from darkness
PG-13 - romance/drama. miroku is the son of a wealthy las vegas casino proprietor who can have anything and any woman he desires. so why then has he become so infatuated with a struggling cleaning maid named sango?

relinquished destiny by lara winner
R - romance/drama. kagome is forced to make a heartbreaking choice. however, while dealing with the aftermath of her decision she learns that destiny will not be detered. IxK

spring fertility festival in the feudal ages by jeff
R (rated for sex) - romance/spiritual. kagome and sango "volunteer" to help keade with the village spring festival. it's not what they think...

the life to my soul by everyheart1806
PG-13 - romance/drama. the shikon no tama is finally complete, and everyone can go on living normal lives... that is until kagome's life becomes endangered by the jewel...

the world through his eyes by the purple ghost
PG-13 - romance/angst. when a failed attempt with a minor spell causes kagome to loose her sight, she gets the unique opportunity to see the world through our favorite hanyou's eyes... literally... -inukag-

under control by chiisai tori
PG-13 - romance/action/adventure. sango is in deep trouble, and miroku will do anything to help her- but will it be enough? and what's with kohaku?

what happened to normal? by dancho
R - romance/drama. AU- kagome is a doctor at an asylum and sango is the head nurse; miroku, shippo and inuyasha are patients. but who's crazy? rating for drug refernces, sexual references, violence, language and general dementia.