see you space cowboy
the best general fanfiction from the cowboy bebop fandom. note: most of the fanfics in this list are rated R, mostly for violence and harsh language, but in some cases for sexual scenes. please have that in mind as you read through. cali recommends 16 fanfics in this category:

ain't afraid to die by cassandra
PG-13 - angst/adventure. finally coming to grips with spike's death, the bebop crew are back to bounty hunting but spike's sudden reappearance and a botched bounty force faye to reconsider the life she leads especially when she is targeted by someone from her past.

dangerous ways by li young
R - romance/humor. i was questioned about the prior events, and simply said a psycho was sitting in my apartment, waiting for my return and had wanted, for some unknown reason, to tear off a finger and a few toes. FxS.

don't leave me now by teresa
PG-13 - romance/drama. after the events of the show, can faye and spike stay on the bebop without killing each other?

forever broken by nirvana1
R - romance/angst. AU, [spikefaye] set in the year 2066, spike spiegel and faye valentine meet and an inevitable attraction arises. unintentionally, the two begin a possessive affair under the worst circumstances... make sure to read its sequel: chasing ecstasy!

just what i can't say by lady razorsharp
R - drama/angst. no money, no food, faye and spike bickering. in short, business as usual on the bebop. rated R for language and suggestive situation.

maybe another lifetime by reia
R - romance/action/adventure. sex, violence, and drama. old flames, old friends... it all comes together. cats have nine lives. how many more left? SxF.

nothing good comes from earth by moonwhisper
R - drama/romance. tragedy reveals a growing attraction, and something beyond. a quest for vengance, survival, and the preservation of love. Warnings: this fic contains rape, violence, some naughty words, and sex. this is for all you spikeXfaye lovers out there.

one more try by teresa
PG-13 - drama/romance. spike's near-death experience in the end of the series cause a slight change in both faye and himself. with the shift, will they be able to see each other in a new light?

prelude by kat
PG-13 - drama/angst. my roomie remarked one day that spike spiegel and vicious must be brothers, because they look alike and because, to quote her, "only brothers could hate each other that much." and there was the what-if. i thought, "what if they really were brothers?" the next thing i knew, this story, my take on the pre-bebop years of vicious and spike, was writing itself.

the cowboy's unofficial guide to the open road by agent orange
R - general. faye drags a very unwilling spike on the road trip from hell as she searches for another piece of her past. rated R for potty mouths.

the fine line by monotask007
R - action/adventure/romance. spike has been wooing faye and it pays off.

the greatest gatsby by red-tenko
PG-13 - drama/romance. a different style of bebop fic, and a different kind of SxF. a year after RFB faye finds a job, but her boss is obsessed with finding out who killed the red dragons and faye is dragged right back to her past.

the sound of settling by heist
PG-13 - drama/romance. ironically, spike spiegel was the last of them to go...

the subtle moments by fai7hl3ss
R - drama/romance.

tuesday's gone by neviana
R (rated for sex!) - romance/drama. she always had a way of surprising him. everything from emptying her glock into the ceiling of the bebop when he left to the icy glare she gave him upon his return. though somehow, this stunt seemed to top them all ... spikeXfaye.

wakening from a dream by animefangirl2
PG-13 - romance/angst. it should never have happened. it was just a routine job. none of them knew. he sat beside her bed, waiting to see if she'd be okay, waiting to see if she'd ever awaken...