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the best general fanfiction from the fullmetal alchemist (hagane no renkinjutsushi) fandom. note: most of these are edowin or royai, since, uh... those are the pairings i like ^^;;; they also deal a lot with the friendship between ed, winry and al. not all of them are, though, so check the summaries and look for your thing. cali recommends 46 fanfics in this category:

after the rain by zauberer
PG-13 - romance/drama. SPOILERS for manga 15-16 and anime 25. royhawkeye. after the end of the world there are still signs of life. rated PG 13 for implied sexual situations.

as it was by chiyo ishida
G - general/drama. just a harmless, calming little fic with a unique coupling.

aw man! by asha3
PG-13 - humor/romance. evil mustang! mischievous al! angry edward! oblivious, 15-year-old edward elric had just realized that he was in predicament. edxwin! humoric ONE-SHOT.

becoming god by zilsepam
PG - romance. "leave it to you to say one of the most romantic things i've ever heard using stupid alchemy."

dealing with women by indelible sorrow
PG-13 - humor/romance. edward and winry are at it again, and it's up to alphonse to bring ed to talk to the best adults they know about dealing with women: the gang at HQ! pure insanity! exw ONESHOT!

don't forget by giant nickel
R - romance/drama. 3.oct.10. the day ed burned down his house. 18.july.17. the day ed left amestris for good. 7.may.22. the day winry followed him.

elizabeth by shimegami-chan
G - humor. cleaning out the trash bin, one day, farman discovers a disgarded letter to the colonel from someone who is named elizabeth. in hopes of gaining something out of the major discovery, falman, bruder and havoc follow the trail of the colonel and his mystery lady only to find out next day that things aren't always what they seem.

final alchemy by karia ithilai
PG - general/action/adventure. ed comes back five years later through the sacrifice of his father's life, but the gate has given him a quest he must fulfill in the span of four years... or else. edXwinry

first kiss by saturn stars
G - romance/angst. winry has finally admitted to herself that she is in love with edward. and edward doesn't want to make winry cry anymore. what will he do when he realised that he has broken the promise to make sure that she will cry tears of happiness? [edxwin]

fullmetal assassin by gomp & saturn stars
PG-13 - action/adventure/romance. gomp & saturn stars proudly bring you a fic of action, adventure, romance, mystery, suspense and so much more. edward is an assassin assigned to take his biggest assignment to date. but, when it's time to make the kill will he be able to pull the trigger?

he who searches for himself by yuuki hikari
R - action/adventure/drama. this story continues on fullmetal alchemist where episode 51 finished off. alternate ending to the series, not based on the movie. FMA gen!fic. characters and events up to 51 are included. the rating is for language and later violence.

held by gomp
PG-13 - action/adventure/mystery. war is looming while a mystery is consuming edward's time. has he finally become a dog of the military? with a vigorous will and utter devotion, ed will try to conquer once more. well, that is, if he doesn't become a nut case first. spoilers!

his gift to her by saturn stars
PG - general/action/adventure. edward grieves over winry's pain. while winry realises that the child she once knew is slowly becoming a man. how will this change her view of edward elric? will he finally let himself be touched by her?

i sense you here by giant nickel
NC-17 (rated for sex!) - romance. with the 'promised day' over and his body restored, ed returns to resembool. He soon realizes that winry has grown up while he was gone, and now the real trouble begins. COMPLETE.

impossible! by asha3
PG - romance/general. to stand up and walk forward might not be as easy as you think. sadly, ed and winry had to learn it the bad way. but together... hopefully something good might come out of it. pre-series! edxwin!

inextricable by canarynoir
PG-13 - general/romance. ed tries to figure out what to do with his life after succeeding in restoring al to his own body. winry is struggling with the big what next? question, too.

jaybird by tobu ishi
PG - humor. the next day, ed thought to beat the system by going outside to use the shower spigot on the back wall of the house, usually reserved for hosing down equipment and occasionally the dog... PG, oneshot, hints of edwin, comic nudity

lemon tea by shimegami-chan
G - romance/general. back in the early days of the military, a young major roy mustang has his eyes set on one private riza hawkeye who sits alone quietly every morning sipping her lemon tea. to win her heart, he must his earn her trust.

lessons in life and love by nekoero
NC-17 (rated for sex!) - romance. ed learns just what it means to love and how to better express himself to winry.

love letter by adraekh
PG-13 - romance. animeverse. a letter never sent. ed/winry.

malady by fireblazie
G - humor/romance. who says life was easy for the flame alchemist when he's got someone who constantly bugs him, even though he's already dead. spoilers for episode 25.

moonlight sessions by missb
NC-17 (rated for sex) - romance. ed/win, a series of connected PWPs that explores a sexual relationship between the two.

night terrors and a leaky ceiling by maggie's revenge
PG-13 - hurt/comfort/romance. in a way, winry wasn't surprised that ed had trouble sleeping. he may have accomplished his goal, and the promised day may have safely passed, but he'd never prepared himself for the life that would come afterward.

of ballet and bullets by serenanna
NC-17 (rated for sex) - romance/action/adventure. part 4 of an ongoing series. all it took was one shot to put alot of things into perspective. no pieces of automail, skirts, guns, tuxedoes, or ballet dancers were harmed in the production of this piece of... well... edxwinry, royxriza, lemon. make sure you read its prequels: overhaul, a betting crowd, and overhaul 2 (all three also rated NC-17)!

parting gift by chiyo ishida
R (rated for sex) - romance/angst. ed leaves winry for the last time with a special memory. will she be willing to wait for him and will it be worth it in the end? adult content, sexual scenes.

predictable by kaltia
PG - fluff/romance. when he received no immediate response, he drew back and let her go, and the aching vulnerability on his face made her blink in surprise.

repairs by drake220
R (rated for sex) - romance/humor. full metal's got a dirty secret that he thinks no one knows. however, someone does know and is going to use this information for their own ends... m/f, lime and lemons later

sandwich talk by gerald terant
G - drama. sitting by herself in the cafeteria, hawkeye is haunted by the crumpled letter in her hand and the ever inquisitive lt. col. hughes knows what it is.

silkspun dreams by tiger of the wind1
PG-13 - romance/drama. a collection of various edxwinry stories from the past, to the present, to the future.

stand on ceremony by shimegami-chan
G - romance/general. to advance to a higher rank in a short period of time, warrant officer roy mustang has finally decided to take the national alchemist examination in central taking sgt. riza hawkeye along with him. along the streets of the capital, a beautiful woman, another candidate for the exam, catches his eye and his full attention. but riza hawkeye would not stand idly by and let things pass as they were... or would she?

stand up and walk forward by saturn stars
PG-13 - angst/romance. four years was a long time... winry is at the end of her wits here, being left all alone to run the auto-mail business. she gives up hope on her lost child-hood friend and lives on, until one stormy night...

summer heat by chiruken
NC-17 (rated for sex) - romance. in the middle of a heat wave, ed seeks relief and finds a heat of a different sort that can't be contained. ed X winry. also, make sure you read its sequel: autumn rain (also rated NC-17)!

taken away by saturn stars
PG-13 - angst/tragedy/romance. [postfic] how can you possibly live in the now, when you're taken away from your heaven and placed in your hell? edward in germany, winry in amestris. what happens when they meet? [M for violence... and maybe smut] [edxwin!]

the alchemologist by camudekyu
PG - general. (a collection of ed and winry shorts) she should be a pro; she's been studying one for years.

the sexual adventures of edward and winry by missb
NC-17 (rated for sex) - romance. ed and winry take their show on the road. PT1: self-defense. ‘she was the one who had suggested that he teach her how to fight.’ M/F, lemon, AU

the unbirthday party by yuuki hikari
R - romance. post series, series spoilers, edwin smut. winry's 17th brithday party! story based upon my "he who searches for himself" fic (information in the foreword so you can read independant from the main fic).

thursday by kaltia
PG - drama. on thursdays, riza hawkeye usually skipped the morning work and went to the office at noon.

token by ysabet
G - humor. what do you get irritable, female mechanics on their sixteenth birthdays? something nice, if you want to stay healthy... silly fluff, but it was fun to write. enjoy!

touch by bitterending
PG-13 - romance. slightly AU 'it's only a prototype, but if it works correctly, it'll feel! just like a normal arm.' edward could see she was getting overly excited just talking about it. he was afraid to say no at times like this for fear of his skull. edxwinry

toy soldiers by sinistra
NC-17 (rated for sex) - drama/angst. WARNING: STORY HAS A MAJOR EPISODE 25 SPOILER!!! have you ever wondered how mustang might deal with the death of a friend? how might he put it behind him and move on? this is actually a mature take on that theme. roy/riza.

treehouse by animebookworm4
PG-13 - romance. edxwinry. lemonyish things. ed comes home for winry's birthday with the best present ever!

untitled by wardove
NC-17 (rated for sex) - romance. a first-time edowin lemon.

veritas hominum by eilan-san
PG-13 - drama. [postseries] he's returned home after fifteen years, but after living in a world without alchemy for so long, can he readjust? and are there people out there that would seek to abuse his knowledge? [edwinry]

winter in germany by tiger of the wind1
PG-13 - drama/romance. POSTSERIES! edxwinry ed is trying to cope with his new life. but fate shows no mercy, sending him an angel whose face only reminds him of the life he was torn away from. or maybe... he loves her instead?

winter night dance by inextricable
PG - romance/angst. ed is attending the annual military ball with winry as his date. will he be able to enjoy his evening with her or will something haunting the back of his mind stop him from telling her how he really feels about her? romance/angst. edxwinry & royxriza

wired by tobu ishi
PG - humor. "does it hurt?" ed's in for repairs, and winry hits a nerve... literally. humor, one-shot, highly uncomfortable edward, hints of hormonal edwin