martin freeman is an english actor, well-known for several memorable roles in television, movies and theater. he's been active in the business now for over a decade. he is the youngest of five children. he's married to actress amanda abbington, who has appeared with him in several productions. they have two children: a son, Joe, and a daughter, Grace. he is left-handed, and a fan of motown music.

filmography - cinema:

1998: i just want to kiss you as frank
2000: the low down as solomon
2001: round about five as the man
2001: fancy dress as a pirate
2002: ali g in da house as ricky c
2003: love actually as john
2004: blake's junction 7 as vila
2004: call register as kevin
2004: shaun of the dead as declan
2005: the hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy as arthur dent
2006: confetti as matt
2006: breaking and entering as sandy
2007: dedication as jeremy
2007: the good night as gary shaller
2007: hot fuzz as met. sergeant
2007: lonely hearts as the pig
2007: the all together as chris ashworth
2007: rubbish as kevin
2007: nightwatching as rembrandt
2009: nativity as mr. maddens
2009: HIV: the musical as james mckenzie
2010: wild target as dixon

filmography - television:

1997: the bill as craig parnell
1997: this life as stuart
1998: casualty as ricky beck
1998: picking up the pieces as brendan
2000: bruiser as various characters
2000: lock, stock... as jaap
2000: black books as a doctor
2001: men only as jamie
2001: world of pub as various characters
20012003: the office as tim canterbury
2002: helen west as unknown
2002: linda green as matt
2003: the debt as terry ross
2003: margery and gladys as d.s. stringer
2003: charles II: the power and the passion as lord shaftesbury
20032004: hardware as mike
2004: pride as fleck
2005: the robinsons as ed robinson
2007: comedy showcase as greg wilson
2007: the old curiosity shop as mr. codlin
2008: when were we funniest? as himself
2009: boy meets girl as danny reed
2009: micro men as chris curry
2010: sherlock as dr. john watson

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