__________welcome to plumfield!

there are two ways to put a plumfield code on your page. first is the text code. pick any of these phrases and put them on your fanlistings page/ clique page/ main page, with a link back to plumfield (kyoudai.net/plumfield):

i'm a "little men" fan!
i'm a "jo's boys" fan!
i'm a "little men" and "jo's boys" fan!
plumfield - little men and jo's boys

or you can use an image code. it's the same procedure: right-click on the image, save it to your pc and upload it to your own server. please, do NOT, under any circumstance, direct link to one of these images. and don't forget to link back to plumfield.



you can make your own image codes if you want, of course, and be sure to send them to me so other members can use it too! just email them to me.