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One Night, Across the Universe by carla

Summary: "I knew someone from Altea once. She... she gave me these markings." "She must...
Rated: Pre-teens 9+
Categories: Voltron: Legendary Defender
Characters: Lance McClain, Princess Allura of Altea
Pairings: Lance/Allura
Canon: Post-canon

Carry Her Weight by carla

Summary: Something Mike had mentioned piqued her curiosity. "What's a piggyback ride?"...
Rated: Pre-teens 9+
Categories: Stranger Things
Characters: Eleven, Holly Wheeler, Mike Wheeler
Pairings: Mike/Eleven
Canon: Post-canon

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Summary: A collection of stories about Mike, Eleven, and their relationship through the years. Mostly one-shots, definitely not in sequential order. Since they're all written between seasons, some of the older ones might not be fully canon compliant. Also, consider them unconnected to each other unless specifically stated otherwise (although I guess, if you squint, you could assume they're in the same continuity... ish...).
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