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card captor sakura is an anime/manga series created by those geniuses from the manga-ka group CLAMP that deals with a little girl called kinomoto sakura who sets free a deck of magic cards that are causing chaos throughout the city and so she has to capture them. she is joined in her quest by several other interesting and entertaining characters, two of which are hiiragizawa eriol and daidouji tomoyo.

daidouji tomoyo is sakura's best friend. she's a rich girl, but she's very well-mannered and pretty, and possesses a beautiful singing voice. she's overall one of the sweetest characters ever created. she loves sakura very much, and would do anything for her friend to be happy. she helps sakura with her captures, not with magic but with her endless support. she has a bit of a hobby-- to make costumes for sakura to wear while she captures cards and then to tape her every waking moment ^^;;; but it's all in good fun and she's the best friend sakura could ever ask for. she doesn't even think twice about her feelings, she just watches happily as sakura finds love in li syaoran... that's the kind of person she is.

hiiragizawa eriol is a bit more complicated, though. he first appears in the second season of the series as an exchange student from england that comes into sakura's class. he's very nice and well-mannered as well (british after all), very smart, with a really refreshing and dark sense of humor, and he seems to be wise beyond his age. there's a mystery to him, though, and it's that he REALLY is wise beyond his years. eriol is none other than clow reed's reincarnation, that is, the wizard who created the clow cards in the first place. "he's the bad guy!", you think after this, but really he isn't. he has to make sure sakura is powerful enough so she can actually own the cards, and thus creates all sorts of chaos for her to solve, but only because he wants her to be the next card mistress. he really loves sakura a lot (like a daughter) and in the end it all comes together for the best.

these two never had a romantic relationship in the series (tomoyo would forever love sakura and eriol went back to england with mizuki kaho), but as the two seem to be the most mature of all the CCS characters, not to mention that they're both really mischievous and observant, and for many other reasons, fans of the series have speculated that perhaps their relationship should've been stronger than it was portrayed-- giving birth to all sorts of fanfiction, of course!

a fanlisting is, as described by its creator, janine, a "a place for all fans of a particular show, movie, actor/actress, singer, etc. to come together and build the biggest listing of people from all around the world who are fans of that subject." in this case, it's a list of fans of the relationship between eriol & tomoyo. for more information, just visit the website ^^

the site was created by carla, and is part of the mighty network (*nudgenudge* please visit! ^.~ *nudgenudge*). it's done in div layers & frames, especially for 1024x768 resolution, but it should look fine in 800x600 too. the images used for the layout come directly from volume 11 of the card captor sakura manga. the title of the fanlisting comes from a line from the song yasashisa no tane (seed of kindness), which is the song tomoyo and eriol collaborate on (he plays the piano while she sings), which i think really represents both of them.