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1. you must at least like eriol & tomoyo, and their relationship (of any kind: friendship, romantic, rivalry, etc).

2. you don't need to have a webpage, but you need a valid and working e-mail adress.

3. if you have a webpage, you need to put up the code on it within a week after you send the form in. if i don't find the code on your page, i will only list your e-mail adress.

4. if you're using an image code, upload the image to your OWN server.

5. i reserve the rights to list, or not list, any webpage as i see fit. i'm not picky about webbies, but i won't list pages that contain racism, homophobia, hate, or pornography.

PLEASE!, don't direct-link these. upload them to your own server if you want to use them. or, you could simply put up a text link. whatever way you decide to go, don't forget to link back to http://kyoudai.net/smile.