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i'm pretty sure if you're here, you've heard of x-men, but i'll humor you and make a recap. x-men one of the longest on-going comic series ever, created by marvel. it deals with a group of people who have what's called an "active x gene", which is a part of their DNA that makes them different from normal human beings; they have all kinds of different abilities that other people don't have. these people are called mutants and not only do they suffer from all kinds of discrimination, but they are also the only ones who can save the world from all kinds of threats. professor charles xavier is also a mutant, actually one of the world's best telepaths. he has a dream: that one day mankind and mutantkind will live together in harmony. in order to realize his dream, he opens a school for mutant students, teaching them how to use their powers for the good of humanity. these students are the x-men.

enter kurt wagner. he is not just any mutant, he is one of the mutants who's had life the worst. his mutation is very visible-- he is covered in blue fur, has yellow-golden eyes that shine in the dark, fangs,three-fingered hands, two-toed fingers and a spade-ended tail. his mutant powers also include a form of teleportation. you betcha he had a great time fitting in, eh? but even with his demonic appearance, he is one of the sweetest, strongest people you'll ever know. when he joins the x-men he finds the acceptance he is always been looking for, as well as friends and love that he will always cherish.

kitty pryde was a normal 14-year-old girl from illinois when she found herself phasing through things. as in walking through walls, falling through the bed and even through the floor. you can imagine she was just more than a little freaked out. but kitty is a very strong young woman and when she joined xavier's school, she learned how to control her powers and make a name for herself.

at the beginning kitty was more than a little scared by kurt's appearance but with time she learned to know the man inside the demon and they became very good friends. now many years have passed and they've been through so much together. there's no denying they make a wonderful team, and they rely on each other so much. she's his "katzchen" and he's her "fuzzy." after moments of happiness, through excalibur, past too many tragedies, they still stand together.

a fanlisting is, as described by its creator, janine, as a "a place for all fans of a particular show, movie, actor/actress, singer, etc. to come together and build the biggest listing of people from all around the world who are fans of that subject." in this case, it's a list of fans of the relationship between kurt and kitty.

this site was created by carla, and is part of the mighty network (*nudgenudge* please visit! ^.~ *nudgenudge*). it's done in div layers, and should look good in resolutions 1024x768 and up. both the title of this page and the layout images were taken from the x-men comics, specifically x-men: manifest destiny issue #4 (also known as the most heartbreaking kurtty chapter ever).


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