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hello, everybody! i added some more PoA images, this time some screen captures and a couple of images of the actors trio from magazines. i’ll still be adding even more PoA stuff in the next few days so be sure to check back in!

we also have a new featured pic! it’s the lovely trio hug from PoA… if you ask me, it’s one of the most significant trio moments in all the movies. so of course it had to be featured on the front page, i love that picture too much ;D

i’m going to be a little busy, since the end of the year is near and all— relatives’ graduation parties and holiday get-togethers and such to attend— but i will try my best to work on the quotes page i mentioned in the last update. and i’m also working on a music mix based on the deathly hallows book, that’s actually very trio-focused so i’ll probably put it up for download here as well. though that will probably be the last update of the year. see you then! :)

hey, all! it’s been a while since i last updated, but today’s the chosen day! i added a bunch of images to the gallery, this time from PoA photoshoots/promos. i’ll be adding more images, including screencaps and images of the actors while out-of-character. and there’ll be a lot, believe me, because PoA is my favorite movie so i have tons of images of it!

i will be adding a trio quotes/moments section soon, as well :) i love quotes, especially from HP.

i also added a banner for the mugglenet top sites: be sure to vote for us! and i added a menu box for kNET’s sponsors and advertisements. please do click on those links once in a while; they’re the ones that help us keep kNET, and this site, online!

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