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hello, everybody! i’ve finally finished uploading all the PoA images i had saved up on my hard drive to the gallery, so be sure to check them out— there’s sure to be something for everyone, from screencaps to photoshoots, from individual shots to trio & group shots, i can assure you, you WILL find something you like.

speaking of images, we’ve also got a new featured pic, from the recent uploads. it’s the trio watching as hagrid introduces buckbeak… i just love that pic for no apparent reason, it’s one of the very few pics in which all three of them look their best, without it being a posed shot. so there you have it :)

i’ve also added four new video recommendations to the vids page, all music videos, so run now and take a look at them! one of them is also our new featured video, and it’s a really good one for sure ;D

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