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hello everybody! yes, i’m fully aware that it’s been more than a year since the last time i updated this site. i’m so very sorry for that— it’s been quite a complicated year for me.

but anyway, here we are, less than two weeks away from the big premiere of the harry potter and the half-blood prince movie! and to celebrate this momentous ocassion, i’ve done some changes around here, which i’m sure you will all like:

  1. we have a brand new layout here at HMS! shiny and sparkly in gryffindor colors and everything ;D the trio (obviously) from the HBP posters. hope you like!

  2. i FINALLY got around to uploading a big bunch of pics to the gallery! i’ve got photoshoot/promo pics from the OotP movie, plus some really gorgeous screencaps. AND as an added bonus, since we’re leading up to the premiere, i’ve also added photoshoot/promos and screencaps from the HBP movie. they’re really, really cool, so go check them out! :)

  1. there’s also a new featured pic! it’s one of the HBP posters and i am just absolutely IN LOVE with those posters, they’re soooo good. i almost didn’t know which one to choose to be featured. but i finally made up my mind and i hope you’ll agree with me that it’s a really striking pic! :D

expect updates to be more frequent from now on, especially since HBP is about to premiere and we’re smack in the middle of filming for deathly hallows. i am so excited for the DH movie, you have no idea. so you’ll definitely see more new stuff around here in the near future!

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