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hello everybody! i finally got around to watching my HBP DVD this afternoon, and i was totally psyched by the trailer for the DH movies! doesn’t it look completely awesome? :D so, since i’m jumping out of my skin in excitement, i decided to finally get off my ass and upload the truckload of behind the scenes pics i’ve had saved on my hard drive for a long while. and so, for this update we have:

  • about 80 tons of DH behind-the-scenes pictures: including the trio running off after the wedding, the polyjuice potion at shell cottage, harry & hermione in the tent, and assorted other pics.

  • two official movie stills that have already been released by WB: and one of those is our new featured pic of the golden trio lookin’ fierce. ;D

  • a new featured video: the deathly hallows sneak peek and teaser trailer as released in the HBP DVD, of course! be sure to check it out, because it’s amazing! :)

more pics to come soon! i’m probably going to upload some screencaps from the trailer next, so be sure to check back in for that!

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