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hi, everybody! so the deathly hallows part 1 movie has now premiered. i saw it last night and let me tell you, it is AH-MA-ZING. my favorite out of all the movies so far, by a mile. seriously good. so if you haven’t watched it yet, waste no more time and head to a theater ASAP because you can’t miss this one, it’s just ridiculously awesome! *flails* :D

meanwhile, to celebrate the premiere of this fantastic movie, i’ve added a boatload of DH images to the gallery, mainly promo images (character posters, studio shots, etc) and a ton of gorgeous movie stills as well. thanks to TLC for these pictures!

i’ve selected a new featured pic out of the DH stills. be sure to check it out! i love that picture, the expressions on their faces are just hilarious. that was a great scene! XD

i will also be uploading out-of-character pictures from the premieres and other promotional events that will be happening in these upcoming weeks. i’ll probably be adding the first few this upcoming weekend, so be sure to check back here for that! ;D

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