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march 1st is ron weasley's birthday and you know what that means? it means it's time to PAR-TAY! here at HMS, we're dedicating the whole month of march to our dearest redhead, ronniekins. so here you'll find tons of ron goodies that you'll love, including videos dedicated to him, as well as awesome downloads and all the images we've got of ron by himself or the actor who portrays him, rupert grint. this page will only remain up for the month of march, so check it all out, quick!
candyman, by restrictedbeauty.

song: candyman
performed by christina aguilera.
shine, by lottepluisj.

song: shine
performed by ricky fanté.
who i am, by rupgal.

song: who i am
performed by smile empty soul.
get a clue, by kingdomkey1121.

song: get a clue
performed by simon and milo.
grow up, by juniperloner.

song: grow up
performed by simple plan.
worst day ever, by lyraweasley.

song: worst day ever
performed by simple plan.
can't break through, by marauders13.

song: can't break through
performed by busted.
gallery uploads featuring only ron:

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_ PoA screencaps
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_ OotP screencaps

gallery uploads featuring only rupert:

_ GoF-era photoshoots/interviews
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