just some rules before you try:

1. you must be a fan. no collectors.
2. you must credit me as the original owner.
3. you can use my layouts and codes if you want, so long as you credit me with a link to kNET.
4. you can update the FL however you'd like-- i can give you a text list of the members so you can update it manually or with batchmembers for PHPfanbase, or i can give you the .sql so you can use it for enthusiast. but you gotta know how to use it.
5. you must keep all affiliates and members (it would also be a good idea to let them know that the fanlisting has been adopted).
6. if you no longer wish to run the fanlisting please contact me first to see if i'm interested in adopting it back.
7. if you are chosen to adopt the fanlisting you must have it finished in two weeks (if you need more time ask me for it, but please don't take too long-- it doesn't make a good impression on me, i might think you'll be sloppy with the updating part, too).

think you comply with the rules? well, go on:

it's not necessary to give me a URL, but it will improve your chances of being chosen if i know that you can use HTML.

if for any reason this contact form isn't working, feel free to email me your information.