be a song
subject: "be the girl" by aslyn
category: songs - female solo
why?: just felt i wasn't the biggest fan anymore. no one offered to adopt it, so i had no option.

fallen under, save my soul and in search of souls
subjects: "is it safe?," "neon crossing" and "starseed" respectively, all by our lady peace
category: songs - bands/groups n-z
why?: i still love our lady peace very much, to this day it's just about my favorite band, but these weren't my favorite songs anymore. no one offered to adopt them, either.

subject: vh1's "the surreal life," season 4
category: tv shows
why?: i haven't seen an episode of this in the longest time, and now that it's been so long, i'm not sure i would love it as much as i did before. it's just been too long.

target ~ akai shougeki (anime/manga songs)
the biggest dreamer (anime/manga songs)
namida wa shitte iru (anime/manga songs)
julia (songs)
hope (songs)
paradigm of uncertainty (by lori summers) (fanworks: fanfiction)
the brat pack (relationships: real life)
seifer, zell, irvine, squall, selphie & quistis (games: relationships)
natalia boa vista (characters: tv)
girlfriend of steel 2nd/angelic days (anime/manga series)
why?: periodic clean-up, put them up for adoption but received no applications.

would you like to adopt one?