hello all! welcome to tryptophan, the groups collective for my domain, kyoudai dot net. here you will find not only the fanlistings that i own, but also the fanlistings i've joined, along with joined cliques, webrings and hatelistings. feel free to browse around!

if you're wondering about the name of this site-- it's probably natural, since only geeks like me would know ^^;;; tryptophan is the name of an aminoacid, which is an organic molecule present in a number of proteins in nature (try, W). it's my favorite molecule out of all that i've studied so far... i couldn't tell you why. i just like it for no apparent reason ^_^

the fifth version of this site features sohryu asuka langley from the anime/manga series neon genesis evangelion by studio gainax. the name of the design, as well as the lyrics in the page title, come from the song heavy cross by the band the gossip.

tryptophan houses 59 owned fanlistings. 2755 fans have been approved. the site is currently affiliated with 24 great sites. cali has joined 1239 fanlistings. all of this has happened under 83 categories.


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May 26, 2015 | adventures of shirley holmes, little men & jo's boys, x-men evolution 3x03: mainstream, republic of panama, natsu no e (summer's picture), laurie & jo, digimon 02x38: holy night! all digimon gather together, kimi ni fureru dake de, with the will, joan of arcadia 1x13: recreation, digimon movie 1: digimon adventure, digimon movie 2: bokura no war game, digimon movie 4: diaboromon no gyakushuu, NG evangelion ep 21: the birth of nerv, rurouni kenshin fanfiction: takani megumi & sagara sanosuke, neon genesis evangelion fanfiction, card captor sakura fanfiction: hiiragizawa eriol & daidouji tomoyo, kurt & kitty, cowboy bebop fanfiction: spike spiegel & faye valentine, ascot, ascot & umi, naruto het fanfiction, duo & hilde, die fetten jahre sind vorbei (the edukators), crazy, team gai, syaoran & ryuuoh, saint seiya asgard chapter, kaji ryouji, sanosuke & megumi, morisato keiichi, harry/hermione het fanfiction, harry, ron & hermione het & gen fanfiction, samurai champloo episodes 24, 25 & 26, oliver & lilly, mousse, inuyasha episode 78: sango mokushi shite, only you, wheeler & linka, house 3x19: act your age, flourish, shawn & juliet, wolverine and the x-men, chase & cameron, jesse spencer & jennifer morrison, yamato & sora, rebuild of evangelion, wizards of waverly place: the movie, real adventures of jonny quest, freddie & sam, maggie lawson, eriol & tomoyo, jin & fuu, hatfields & mccoys

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