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Yukito had obviously decided to forgo reason and just drag Touya out physically. Eriol knew he should say something, but he couldn’t remember why he didn’t want the mouthy Kinomoto to leave just yet. Maybe because Touya was his son-of-the-next-life. And even though, very technically speaking, Touya was seven years his senior, he felt a surge of paternal love and pride. They should have named him Eriol Junior, he thought warmly. Clow would have liked that. Clow was always a really emotional drunk, just like Touya was now. Maybe Eriol Junior should have been named Clow Junior instead. He was such a nice son-of-the-next-life, Eriol couldn’t figure out why Yukito wanted to take him away from the party.
(A drunken Eriol thinks about Touya at Syaoran's Bachelor Party; Old, New, Borrowed, Blue chapter 1).