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By Donn Cortez.

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'Do anything special?' Calleigh was on hold, trying to reach a scuba shop in Coconut Grove.
'Not really, no,' he murmured.
'Ah. I went out, caught a movie- that new Will Smith one?'
'Had to leave halfway throught, though. My head caught on fire.'
'That's nice...'
'But the men in the UFO put it out. With their ice-cream ray.'
'What flavor?' he asked absently.
'Good, good,' he muttered. 'Pistachio has excellent fire-retardant qualities.'

(Calleigh and Ryan talk about their weekend; Riptide).

Some of the criminals on the list looked exactly how you would expect a rapist or pedophile to look; others looked just as harmless as a kindergarten teacher. You just couldn't tell.
Monsters, Wolfe thought. If they just had horns growing out of their foreheads or something, our job would be a lot easier.
(Ryan hopes the world can be a little more clear; Riptide).

...No, no, no! I don't care who owned it, I got so many of those flintlocks I could storm the Bastille!
(Max deals guns his own way; Riptide).

'I don't know. It seems to me that being murdered is worse than being raped, but the last time I expressed that opinion a woman almost punched my lights out.'
Delko put down his coffee cup and tossed back one of the Cuban shots. 'Big surprise. Do you
ever date?'
'Actually, this was
on a date.'
(Eric learns of Ryan's lack of tact; Riptide).

Calleigh Duquesne didn't know what to do.
She could tell you the make and model of every gun that had ever passed through her hands. She could list every major manufacturer of firearms in the world and most of the minor ones. She could make a bullet do everything but sit up and talk.
But photocopiers were her nemesis.
Calleigh got along just fine with all sorts of technology; she could send a fax or upload a file as easily as she could fieldstrip and reassemble an AR-15 rifle, which is to say without much thought at all.
But photocopiers
hated her.
'One. Copy,' she hissed at the stubborn thing. 'That's all I need, and then I'll leave you alone. Mess with me, and I swear I'll introduce you to the business end of a SIG-Sauer P-220.'
'Ahem,' Horatio said.
She spun around. 'Ah, hi there, Horatio,' she said. 'Been there long?'
'Well, I wasn't here for the start of the conflict, but I did arrive in time for the death threats...'

(Calleigh confronts her nemesis and is caught by her boss; Riptide).

Wolfe shrugged. 'Just taking Horatio's advice. Dealing with the public is part of the job, right?'
'Absolutely. A suggestion, though?'
'What's that?'
'Try not to mention the aliens and their ice-cream ray. I find it makes people look at you funny...'

(Calleigh sets Ryan straight before sending him out into the world; Riptide).

'Just a second,' Delfino said, opening a drawer and rummaging around. 'Ah, here we go.' He pulled out a plastic action figure of the Sea Creature, around eight inches tall and made of translucent green plastic. He handed it to Wolfe. 'Here, take this with you.'
'I can't really accept a gift,' Wolfe said.
'Don't think of it as a gift,' Delfino said with a grin. 'More like a visual reference of your suspect.'
Wolfe went downstairs, got into his car and hung the figure from his rear-view mirror. 'Okay, Junior,' he said to its goggle-eyed countenance. 'Let's go find your big brother...'

(Ryan knows who, or make that what, he's looking for; Riptide).

'The monster climbed to his feet, adjusting to his new environment... then lurched off on unfamiliar legs in search of his new obsession.
'Forget it, buddy,' Wolfe muttered. 'She's swimming in a different gene pool, just for starters...'

(Ryan tries to reason with a movie monster; Riptide).

When he realized who the first people to encounter the monster would be, Wolfe almost groaned out loud. Why do they even call it Lovers' Lane? he thought. It's always the first place the killer heads for- they should just rename it Homicide Alley.
(Ryan debates movie cliches with himself; Riptide).

'Where are we at, people?'
'Checking military records against licensed scuba divers,' Wolfe said.
'Isn't that more up Eric's alley?' Horatio asked mildly.
'He's busy,' Wolfe said with a grin. 'Thought I'd take up the slack.'
Calleigh sighed. 'I- not possessing the requisite amount of testosterone- am sadly reduced to just doing my job.'

(How the workload is divided in the Miami-Dade team; Riptide).

Wolfe nodded. 'Makes sense. It should be a lot easier to get a warrant for someplace perverts hang out than the Sierra Club.'
Calleigh glanced at him and frowned. 'Let's stick to calling it a theme night, okay?'
'Huh? What, did I say something politically incorrect?'
'Well, what am I supposed to call them? Rubbersexuals? Full-body condom enthusiasts?'
'Look, they're just people, all right? A preference for latex is no more relevant than how often 'Wayne' pops up as a killer's middle name.'
'All right, all right, I'm sorry. Sometimes I open my mouth without thinking.'
'That's all right. Just keep it in mind.'
'I will, I- wait a minute.'
'It's interesting, though, isn't it? The Wayne thing?'
'That's the website for Szexx. The club you asked me about.'
'John Wayne Gacy, Elmer Wayne Henley- there's this guy on the Internet who's compiled a whole list-'
'The club you said you were going to check out.'
'Supposedly it's becasue they all had overly macho fathers who named them after John Wayne and then mistreated them as children, but that's only a theory-'
'Hmm. 'Bounce and squeeze, a fetish night for latex, uniform and leather enthusiasts.' Interesting.'
Calleigh turned slowly and looked up at Wolfe. Her smile froze his on his face.
'Ryan,' she said. 'Do you know how many firearms I own?'
'Uh- no.'
'Would you like to hazard a guess?'
'Uh... a lot?'
'That is correct. Would you like to know how many of them it would take to make your life very, very difficult?'
He swallowed. 'How many?'
'Not a single one,' she said. She turned back around.
'Right,' he said.

(Don't mess with Calleigh Duquesne, Wolfe; Riptide).

The bartender, a young woman with multiple piercings in both eyebrows, leaned forward and peered at the name stitched on Calleigh's coat. 'So, R. Wolfe- you want another drink?'
'No, thanks,' Calleigh said. 'I'm fine.'

(Calleigh goes undercover into the latex-loving scene; Riptide).