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By Final Fantasy VIII.

There are 15 quotes by Final Fantasy VIII in our database:

I dreamt I was a moron...
(Squall wakes up after dreaming he was Laguna).

Why you bein' so selfish!? Scrooooge!

Alright! Let's hit that PAAH-TAY!

SeeD! SeeeeD! SeeeeeeeD!
(Selphie at graduation).


Ooh neato! A hole in the middle of no-where!

Destroy everything!
(Selphie pushes all the buttons when reprogramming a missile launcher).

...Guns and women of course.
(Irvine is asked what his department is).

Listen up! Teamwork means staying out of my way. It's a Squad B rule.
(Seifer is the almighty squad leader).

You guys... sure have guts. You know how high this cliff is?!
(Laguna, after PUSHING Ward and Kiros off a cliff).

Yeah, but you cut a pretty pitiful figure up there. I'd say you're about a -3 on the manliness scale.
(Kiros tries to... uh... rate Laguna on his approaching Julia).

We're just a sad bunch... SaaaaaaaaD...
(SeeD student).

Quistis: You're the squad leader. Good luck to you.
Seifer: ...Instructor. I hate it when people wish me luck. Save those words for a bad student who needs them, eh?
Quistis: Alright, then. Good luck, Seifer.
Seifer: (to Fujin and Raijin). Add Instructor Trepe to the list.
(Seifer, demonstrating that rank doesn't matter if you piss off the disciplinary commitee).

Zone: Our plan is to...
Selphie: ...Blow it to smithereens with a rocket launcher?!
Zone: (taken aback) ...Ahh... not quite...
(The SeeD team plans their... uh... attack.).

Rinoa (Defending her model of Pres. Deling's train): Oh, shut up! I made it like that on purpose. It represents my hatred towards Deling.
Zell: Hatred, eh? Yeah...right.
Selphie: It's one of the...ugliest things that I've ever seen in my life. You must really hate him.
(Rinoa, Zell & Selphie).