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By Hannah Montana.

There are 11 quotes by Hannah Montana in our database:

When you talk do you hear it, or is it just a big roaring in your ears?

Can't a chicken get a little privacy?
(Miley tries to tell Oliver something... while in a chicken suit; Oops I meddled again).

Daddy, who put my face on that zit?
(Miley uncovers a horrific ad; You're so vain, you probably think this zit is about you).

That boy doesn't have the brains the good lord gave a hunk of turkey jerky.
(Miley to Lilly about Oliver; Oops I meddled again).

It's like walkin' barefoot through a field of cows after their mornin' sitdown.
What, ya'll never heard that one before?

(Miley thinks it's BAD; Oops I meddled again).

Yes dad, but if you think about it midterms are a halfway to finals, so I only need to study about as half as hard. And since I study about twice as hard as everybody else, I only need to study a quarter, so I'm done. See how that works?
(Miley tries to get out of studying; She's a supersneak).

Maybe you'll learn to love him, like I did with my brother's hamster, and here's the beauty part, if Oliver dies, you won't have to bury him in the backyard!
(Lilly tries to convince Miley to accept Oliver's affection).

It's nothing, I'm just rinsing my wig... with my tears!
(Lilly is heartbroken because Jake likes Miley better; More than a zombie to me).

My Robbie name is hi. I mean... my Oliver name is hi.
(Oliver tries to ask a girl out, following Miley's dad's advice; Oops I meddled again).

Robby: You know what that boy needs? A real girlfriend.
Miley: Dad, that is the... smartest thing you've ever said.
Robby: Well you know what they say, even a blind pig snorts up a truffle.
Lilly: And that is the weirdest.
(Tennessee-isms while discussing Oliver; Miley get your gum).

Oliver: Wait, but I don't understand, then why did you kiss me?
Miley (as Hannah Montana): I didn't, the dog did.
Oliver: Aw man, those are the lips I've been thinking about for the past 24 hours?
Lilly (as Lola): If it helps, the dog hasn't stopped talking about you.
(Miley rejects Oliver; Miley get your gum).