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By Hearts of Eternity.

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'Kurt?' Jeff perked up and looked around wide-eyed. He quickly recognized Kurt from the pictures he had seen and dove forward to take Kurt into a bone-crushing hug. 'Oh, it's you! You're Boyfriend Kurt! I have been waiting all day to meet you! You must have broken a record getting down here so fast!'
'It's nice to meet you too, Jeff.' Kurt struggled to say.
'Hey, wait a minute!' Jeff dropped Kurt onto his feet and reached up to run his hands along Kurt's face. Kurt tried to step away but Jeff ducked his head in and rubbed his cheek to Kurt's, like a child would cuddle a kitten. 'You're so soft! And cuddly! No wonder Kitty liked you so much, what kind of moisturizer do you use?'
'Uh--' Kurt was at a loss to say anything.
'Come on, you're driving with me! I hope everyone else can follow!' Jeff picked Kurt up like his was some sort of rag doll and skipped off happily to his car that sat in the dark driveway.
'Um- professor, do you think it's safe to let Kurt go with Jeff, by himself?' Scott asked worriedly.
'I don't see that much of a problem, unless you're worried Kurt will be cuddled to death.' The professor chuckled. He wheeled himself around and made his way back to the others.

(My Secret, ch. 11).