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By MythBusters.

There are 20 quotes by MythBusters in our database:

Meanwhile, Adam's man-eater puppet is taking shape. It's just like the real thing... only cuddly.
(Narrator about Adam's fake shark in the DC Shark Week episode).

I reject your reality and substitute my own.
(Adam Savage).

sent in by: LibbyJamie: That's aluminum foil.
Adam: What did I say?
Jamie: You said tinfoil.
Adam: Whatever; keep scrubbing, Cinderella!
(Adam & Jamie during the Cola Myths).

Remember, Mythbusters has hired a trained pyrotechnician to help us blow stuff up. You should never try to do this on your own unless you have your own television show.
(Adam during the tree cannon myth).

And then suddenly... nothing happened.
(Narrator, during the scuba diver and car capers myth).

This is the show. It's like four minutes of science and then ten minutes of me hurting myself.
(Adam explains what MB is all about, during the levitation machine myth).

It turns out there are two faults in the system: Adam and Jamie.
(Narrator explains why wiring failed in the bathtub electrocution myth.).

Jamie: That means the first stop is a hay store.
Adam: Uh, otherwise known as a farm.
(First step to find a needle in a haystack!).

Yet again we're blowing things up in front of my shop. And not only that, but there are noxious chemicals involved which will probably leave a residue over the whole block and, um... I guess it's okay. I'm getting used to it. So are the neighbors.
(Jamie during the exploding house myth).

I think we need to get professional help, then maybe find some rocket experts.
(Adam during the chinese dynasty astronaut myth).

I love aluminum... aluminum, I love you.
(Adam loves aluminum. But really, who doesn't?).

Well, hopefully, that's our job… to strap rockets onto everything!
(Adam during the 360 degrees swing myth).

And while Jamie is hard at work rigging up the rig, Adam is busy fulfilling the 'goofing off' clause in his contract.
(Narrator during the border slingshot myth).

Adam (seeing what little remains of Buster): Oh no! Oh, my God! Oh, criminy!
Narrator: 'Criminy'? So shocked he makes up a new word.
(During the escape slide parachute myth).

Tory: We killed a dead President.
Grant: Ben Franklin was never President.
Tory: Wasn't he? Dammit.
(During the Franklin's kite myth. See, they clear more than just scientific myths!).

Kari: Is there anything more attractive than the sound of gum being chewed?
Tory: Yes there is, watching you chew that gum.
(During the movie crimes myths. They SO have the hots for each other. Kidding!).

Tory: I'll do the lava lamps.
Kari: I'll do the stove.
Grant (pauses): ...I'll do the math.
(Build team during the stove myths ep).

Narrator: The voice of an angel rings out...
Kari: TORY!
Narrator: ...or maybe, make that the devil.
Tory: That was a good one, Kari. Now I know what it would be like to be married to you.
(During the pottery recording myth).

Producer: Why don't you ever imitate Adam?
Jamie: What? You mean stupid?
(During MB revealed).

Kari: It's a Barbie steam engine!
Tory: No, it's a G.I. Joe steam engine.
(Kari & Tori gush over a small-scale steam engine in the pottery recordings myth).