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By Suppi-chan.

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Their homework was done, and Syaoran was looking forward to the next hour, especially since he'd spent the last one explaining math to Sakura. Not that he minded, of course, but Sakura still regarded math as a special horror sent to torment her, and since Syaoran was in the Special Advanced Son, If You Don't Go Into Engineering, I'm Going to SHOOT You Class, he ended up helping her.
(Syaoran thinks about Sakura and Math; Icebreakers chapter 1).

Fujitaka felt amazingly stupid, but he said, very softly, 'Don't notice Kero-kun and Spinel-san.' Except it came out more like [[Don't notice Kero-kun and Spinel-san.]], and he blinked rapidly. It always surprised him when he managed to do something like that. It seemed like people should notice that reality had hiccuped.
(Fujitaka uses magic; Icebreakers ch. 2).