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By Wizards of Waverly Place.

There are 4 quotes by Wizards of Waverly Place in our database:

Alex: Justin, what if we don't get the stone in time and we can't save everyone?
Justin: Don't worry about it. We will.
Alex: How do you know that?
Justin: Because it's you and I... how can we not?

Justin: (Awakened by the sound of a snapping twig). Alex! Alex, get up, I think someone's out there!
Alex: (Groans). You're the boy, you go check it.
(Justin & Alex wake up after spending the night in the rainforest).

Justin: This is definitely the place, but... how are we gonna find the stone? (Points to some rocks on the ground). It could be anyone of these.
Alex: I'm guessing it's that one. (Points to the purple, shining stone that's set up on a pedestal).
Justin: ...Yeah, good guess.

Justin: (After Alex made him fall on a puddle of mud for the third time). ...SERIOUSLY?!
Alex: (Laughing). Sorry, don't know a lot of spells!
(Justin & Alex go against each other in the wizard competition).