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By Wizards of Waverly Place Movie.

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(Alex extends a branch to help Justin out of the quicksand, but then moves it away from his reach).
Alex: Will you let me be in control of the map?
Justin: No! Why would I put you in charge of it? Just give me the stick.
Alex: You know, I hear the more you struggle, the faster you sink. (Justin looks up at her, scared). It's amazing what I retain, huh?

Alex: (Opening up the map to lead the quest). Alright people! Let's move! This way!
Justin: (Lying on the ground covered in mud). The other way!
Alex: (Turns around). The other this way!
(Alex can totally lead).

Justin: (As they reach a canyon). How are we gonna get across this thing? There's no way! It's impossible! We're totally, completely, hopelessly doomed-- (Looks at the map). Oh, wait! There's instructions!
Alex: It's that positive attitude that I most admire about you, Justin.
(Justin shows his positive outlook on life).

Justin: We have to build a-a-- a path of stone...
Alex: (Scoffs). That's not gonna happen.
Justin: ...With magic.
Alex: That MIGHT happen.

Alex: Why do you always get so mad every time I do something right?
Justin: Because it's like you don't even try. You don't even think about it.
Alex: Not thinking works for me.
Justin: Exactly! And it's not fair. I know everything there is to know about magic, and you just come along and-- and you do it. Which is why I have to study all the time. Usually I'm all 'family wizard, how can it NOT be me?' Then you come along and... you do something like this.
Alex: Trust me, you're not gonna lose, you'll be the family wizard.
Justin: Do you even want it? (Alex stumbles, Justin grabs her back to keep her from falling). Alex!
Archie: (To himself). oh, that was close.
Alex: I don't know! I don't think I do.
Justin: Why? I know why I do, I'd be nothing if I wasn't a wizard. Magic is the one thing that I'm really, really good at.
Alex: Pff! Please, you're good at EVERYTHING.
Archie: (Wiping his face with a handkerchief). Hope they make it...
Alex: 'Justin's so perfect, why can't you be more like Justin?'
Justin: Who says that?
Alex: Besides YOU? Everyone! Mom... and dad...
Justin: Well, they wouldn't say that if I wasn't so... perfect.
Alex: You know that's not true, they love you regardless.
Justin: You know that goes both ways.
(The rock they're standing on shakes).
Justin: (Grabbing onto Alex's waist). Alex!
Archie: One last...
(Justin and Alex make one last jump and get to the other side of the canyon).
Justin: ...Good job.
Alex: We both did a good job.
(Justin & Alex get across a cliff by floating stones in the air).

Justin: You know, ah, I think this is the longest we've ever gone-- Wait! (Checks his wrist for a nonexistent watch). This is the longest you've ever gone without making fun of me.
(Alex laughs).
Justin: It's true.
Alex: I knew there was something I was supposed to do. Where do you want me to start?
Justin: No no no, I actually kinda like this. Let's try this.

Alex: You're a great wizard, Justin.
Justin: I just know a bunch of spells. That doesn't make me great.
Alex: That isn't... why I think you're great. You're always... there for me, no matter how many times I screw up.
Justin: That doesn't make me great. That just makes me a good brother.
Alex: I know I don't say it very often... but thank you.
Justin: ...You're welcome.

Alex: (Pointing towards the horizon). Look! There they are! That's the white cliff, that's where the stone is! (Looks down at the map). Ugh, so far away... (Justin glares at her and turns the map around). And there it is again! So close...
Justin: (Snatching the map from Alex’s hands). Come on!
(Alex can totally read a map).

Jerry: (Looking down at his map). The problem is, it doesn't tell you where to start.
Max: Yeah.
Jerry: I mean, we could...
Theresa: (Walking by). Oh my gosh, is that a treasure map?
Jerry: A-- a treasure map? No! (laughs). Don't be ridiculous!
Theresa: It is! It IS a treasure map!
Jerry: Well, I mean, not one that... works...
Max: It is! It's just that we're missing a part. My brother Justin and my sister... what's-her-name, they-- they had something that's supposed to go on this corner. It was a picture of a fort, like this... I-- I don't know how to describe it, these gargoyles...
Jerry: That could be anywhere!
Theresa: I know where that is! I saw that on my artifact tour, yesterday. It's right, uh... ooh, wait! Do I get to come with?
Max: (whispers to Jerry). Yes!
Jerry: ...No.
Theresa: (Gasps). Why? Are you afraid you'll have to spend a little time with me?
Jerry: No, I wouldn't-- it's just, there's a-- we-we need to-- (Tries to say something and flounders. Turns to Max). Tell her.
Max: (Stands up quickly). That would be wonderful!
Theresa: (Squeals). This is gonna be so much fun! I'll drive, if that's okay with you.

Justin: (Reading the map). 'The one who knows the least shall lead the way.' (Turns to Alex, excited). Alex! (Alex stares at him). Sorry. Reflex.
Alex: (laughs). Oh, that's okay. I was about to say me, too.

Archie: (To Justin and Alex as they start to walk into the cave). Good luck! Aee you soon! Watch out for the bats. And the spiders! And the scorpions! And the snakes--
Alex: Got it!
(Archie says bye to Justin and Alex as they go look for the Stone of Dreams).

I'm still here, guys! I'm not having any fun! Why am I not laying down by the pool?
(Jerry to Max and Theresa, as he starts sinking in quicksand).

Alex: I'm sorry. (Justin turns around to look at her). For everything.
Justin: ...What?
Alex: I'm sorry. This is all my fault.
Justin: I heard you the first time, I just wanted you to say it again.
Alex: Wow, it's amazing. Even in the face of the most imminent doom you can still be super annoying!
Justin: One of the few things I learned from you.
Alex: Hah! Still doing it.
Justin: (pauses, turns around to look at her again). I'm sorry, too.
Alex: What are you sorry for?
Justin: You're my little sister... I shouldn't be on you this much. We need each other. (Turns around to continue walking).
Alex: Wait! ...What was that?
Justin: I know. Not saying it again.

Alex: Hold on-- hold on to that torch thing! But not the-- hot part.
Justin: Why... would I grab the hot part?!
(Justin attempts to cross an unstable rock bridge across a chasm to get the Stone of Dreams).

Alex: Don't-- step on the crumbly part!
Justin: They're ALL... crumbly parts!
(Justin attempts to cross an unstable rock bridge across a chasm to get the Stone of Dreams).

Jerry: The best wizards can do the most with the least.
Alex: Good! 'Cause that's pretty much all I got.
(Jerry & Alex as the wizard competition is about to begin).

Jerry: Ready... set... MAGIC!
(Justin starts running towards the power).
Alex: (Clueless). ...Oh! We're going! Okay. (Starts running).
(The wizard competition begins).

...quit doing that!
(Justin, as Alex makes him fall into a puddle of mud for the second time in the competition).

Alex: Justin, help me, what spell do I use?
Justin: ...Why would I help you?
Alex: (Hurt). ...Because you're my brother? Look, I'm-- I'm sorry you didn't--
Justin: I'm your brother?
Alex: (Turns to look at Jerry, scared, then back at Justin). No. No, no, Justin... please, please, you can't leave me here, please remember... I'm Alex, I'm your little sister! I taunt you and I tease you, and I make your life miserable but you love me anyway. You're everything that I've ever wanted to be... I'm jealous of how-- how smart you are, and how kind and how nice... Please don't leave me here.
Justin: I'd never leave you.
(Alex looks at him, hopeful).
Justin: I don't know who you are, but... but I believe you.
(Alex runs to hug him).
(Alex's wish makes Justin forget who he is).