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By Wizards of Waverly Place: The Movie.

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Justin: Magic was used to protect the bag; reverse the spell, release the... hag.
(The enchanted messenger bag releases Alex).
Alex: Okay, fine, I went through your STUPID bag-- hag?
(Justin smirks).
(Alex gets caught snooping and gets trapped in an enchanted bag).

Alex: BUT! Look at what I found. (Takes some stuff out of Justin's bag). The family wand and the book of forbidden spells. Justin took it out of the lair without permission! My respect for you is increasing.
Justin: I didn't take it, dad gave it to me.
Alex: ...And it's SHRINKING again.

Alex (Wanting to go to a party): Dad, please, I'll just pop in, it'll be so quick--
Jerry: Ah-ah, no popping. You heard what your mother said.
(Alex groans).
Jerry: And just so we're clear: no walking, flying, teleporting or popping out of this building while we're gone. understood?
Alex: (Sigh). Understood.

Max: (After his father tells him to surrender his wand). What? I can't give up my wand. Dad, there's so many spells I haven't even gotten the chance to do yet!
Jerry: Max--
(Max waves his wand and performs a spell).
Jerry: ...Goats?
Max: (Confused). They were supposed to be tigers...

Sticky note to yourself: Do not forget sticky notes. Aahhh!
(Justin packs for their vacation).

Theresa: (About the beach resort they're visiting). You know, it's where your father and I first met each other.
Alex: (As they walk out the door). ...She's going to tell it...
Justin: ...Oh, please don't tell it...
Theresa: Did I ever tell you the story?
Max: ...And she's telling it.
(The kids complain about their mother going down memory lane).

I have never been more happy to be somewhere I didn't want to be in my ENTIRE life!
(Alex, as they reach the beach resort).

Theresa: (Coming into the room). What is going on? Where's everybody going?
Max: Oh, I'm going snorkeling. Once you get used to swimming in the fish's toilet bowl, it's awesome.
Justin: To see the ruins. The most important battles of the first and third troll wars were fought there.
Alex: I don't know but I'm getting out of here.(shrugs).
(Theresa tries to round up her family).

Jerry: (After Max uses real magic on the phony magician). What were you thinking?
Max: Is it my fault that the guy's a great magician? (Jerry shakes his head, disapproving). Alright, look, I知-- I知 sorry, but it was just training magic! What's the big deal? I promise you, nobody's gonna figure out that we're wizards.
Archie: (Coming up after them). You're wizards!
Max: ...Maybe just one person.

Archie: We're wizards, too!
Justin: You're wizards? (laughs). Ah, I don't think so.
Archie: Well, not now, I mean, obviously... but we were, I swear! (raises a hand). Wizard's honor. (Giselle the parrot raises a wing). I was born a wizard but I lost out the wizard competition to my know-it-all older brother.
Alex/Max: (scoffing). I know the feeling.
(Justin throws them an unamused look).

The stone is our only hope of restoring Giselle back to her former beautiful self! (To Giselle). Not that you're not beautiful right now: You're beautiful, you're gorgeous... just light.
(Archie compliments the parrot).

Well, every castle needs a princess, right? No? Okay.
(Alex, as she crashes into some kids' sand castle).

Justin: (When Alex confesses she used magic to get the wind to blow on him while he was windsurfing). You? No, no, no, that's impossible. You can't do weather spells unless you have a wand, or you use... (Alex smirks). ...You have the spell book. (Alex continues to smirk). You're not even gonna try to deny it?
Alex: Why?

Alex: Okay, so here's the fun, blackmailing part: let me use the wand or I値l tell dad you really did take it without permission this time.
Justin: Fine, then... I値l tell dad you took the book.
Alex: So? I知 not the good one.

Justin: Did you do the spell?
Alex: ...I did a spell...

Justin: ...Did dad just call me 'dude'?
Jerry: (Giving Theresa a once-over). Ah, ah, dibs!
Justin: ...Why are mom and dad acting like they don't know each other?
(Jerry uses a spell to grow a beautiful flower on a nearby bush).
Justin: ...And why is dad using magic?! Dad is not supposed to have magic!
(Jerry gives the flower to a girl that passes by).
Justin: ...And why is he giving flowers to other girls?! Alex, what did you DO?!
(Alex cringes).
Alex: See? This is what you get for letting me use the wand! (Walks away. Justin glares at her).

Justin: (As Max walks into the room). Alex, do you want to tell our little brother what you did? (Alex opens her mouth to answer, Justin interrupts). She got in a huge fight with mom and dad and used the family wand--
Alex: That you gave me!
Justin: --This is not my fault!-- To wish that mom and dad had never met, and now they haven't. It's exactly like it was twenty years ago: They don't know each other, and they don't know us.
Max: Huh, so we have no parents anymore. I知 confused, I mean, is this a good thing or a bad thing?
Alex: Kid's got a point.
Justin: This is a very, VERY bad thing! And once again proves why I don't do bad things: Because whenever I do, more bad things happen.
Alex: So you're admitting that this is kind of your fault.
(Justin starts to say something, then cuts himself off).

Hurt. Angry. Plotting revenge and oddly disappointed I don't have a mother to say 'I told you so.'
(Alex, after Javier shows her he's only inviting her to the party to get her to take more windsurfing lessons).

Justin: Just a simple levitation spell.
Max: Please, that's my specialty.
Justin: ...You have no specialty. (Alex laughs).

Justin: Since you're a full wizard, can I ask you a question?
Jerry: Sure!
Justin: Suppose, ah, a young... stupid... selfish... inexperienced--
Alex: He gets it.
Justin: --Wizard accidentally wished that her parents had never met before. What do you do to fix that?
Jerry: I have no idea. I'm glad that wasn't on my exam! (laughs).

Jerry: But they'd have to do something pretty fast, you know, to prevent any serious permanent damage.
Max: Serious?
Alex: Permanent?
Justin: Damage?

Justin: Max, stay here and make sure mom and dad don't get in any trouble.
Max: Trouble? They're old! What, what kinda trouble do you think they're gonna get into?
Justin: Hmm, I don't know... meet other people, fall in love, have kids--
Max: Oh, okay, alright, I'll keep an eye on them.
(Jerry and Theresa don't remember each other or their kids, so Max has to babysit).

Alex: ...This is a flyer for an all-you-can-eat special at the crab shack.
Archie: Oh, oh! oh, don't wanna lose that. best flan in the island.
(As Archie tells Alex & Justin he can give them the map to the stone of dreams).

In my defense, I haven't showered in, like, two days.
(Alex, as Archie pulls a map out from behind her ear).

Justin: It says the path will only reveal itself to those whose intentions are pure. So, me. (Scoffs). Obviously.
Alex: Normally I'd object, but... even I can't make that argument.

Alex: (About Giselle). How did she get turned into a bird, anyway?
Archie: Oh, it's-- it's really quite the story... (Giselle bites his finger). Ow! Ow! Finger! Blood! Pain! (Pulls hand away). ...I don't know, really.

Alex: Hey! I've got an idea: Why don't I lead and YOU follow?
Justin: Um... Maybe 'cause you can't read a map? Or a compass. Or SPANISH.
Alex: Well, I know enough not to walk into a giant spider web.
Justin: (Jumps back, scared). Get it off of me! Get it off! (Realizes Alex was lying and stops).
Alex: (Laughing). Oh, that never gets old! you were screaming like a little girl... (Steps back into a REAL giant spider web). Yeek! Get it off me, get it off me!
(Justin smirks at her).
Alex: That doesn't count. I actually AM a little girl.
Justin: We'll never speak of this again, agreed?
Alex: Agreed.

Justin: You can't go two seconds without criticizing me, can you? (Alex stares at him). What?
Alex: You're right! I can't. The will to mock is just too great.
Justin: Will you please just do this my way?
Alex: Why do we have to do everything the way you do magic?
Justin: You mean perfectly?
Alex: I mean annoyingly.
Justin: There's a right way to do things and that's the way I like to do 'em-- Another twenty feet in this direction-- You know, you might wanna try it sometime. (frowns). Why are you getting taller?
Alex: Oh, because you couldn't stop being perfect long enough to realize that you're standing in quicksand. (Smiles condescendingly at Justin).

Alex: Okay. (grabs the map from Justin's hand).
Justin: (Sinking in quicksand). Not funny!
Alex: (Opens the map). Now maybe we can get someplace, huh? (Tries to read the map). Okay, so we're here and we need to get there...
Justin: (Frantic). You're holding it upside down! Grab on to something--
Alex: Oh! (Laughs and turns the map around). Well, that makes it better! ...Not really.
Justin: (Still frantic). I'm sinking!
Alex: Needs one of those little X thingies like at the mall, you know...
Justin: (Still frantic). Alex, grab onto something, I'm sinking!
Alex: Oh, wait! Here we are: bottomless pit of death, and we need to go towards some squiggly things...
Justin: They're called mountains! Alex! Seriously! Please just--
Alex: Okay, sure. Mountains. Psh.
Justin: (Still frantic). There's small animals in here!
Alex: (Looks up towards the horizon and sees mountains). Oh, wait! There they are! That was easy!
(Alex reads the map as Justin sinks in quicksand).