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This is the first time I've been treated like luggage since I became a suit of armor...
--Fullmetal Alchemist (Al; Vol 02, ch08, p145).

Col. Mustang: What do those two look like?
Barry: Lust is like this... she looks really soft and easy to chop. And Envy is a bit bony, his body is small too, so he doesn't look fun to chop...
--Fullmetal Alchemist (Colonel Mustang & Barry the Chopper; Vol 08, ch 31, page 58)).

As I was nearing the deadline, I went for Shiatsu. Since I was sleepy and spacing out while thinking 'What should I do for the next chapter?,' when the doctor said: 'Your right shoulder sure is stiff,' I instantly answered 'Because it's automail' without thinking. The border between manga and reality...!!
--Arakawa Hiromu (from FMA vol 11).

Nqaaarrgh!! Conveniently awaken, my telepathic powers!! Accept the mind-link little brotheeeeer!! Elric telepathy!
--Fullmetal Alchemist (Edward inside Gluttony's stomach; Ch. 52).

Ling: Haven't you heard the saying, 'if you want to shoot the leader, first aim for his horse'?!
Ed: If you want to shoot the leader, then you should just SHOOT HIM!!
Ling (thinking): Is he stupid...?
--Fullmetal Alchemist (Ling & Ed about attacking Father; Ch. 54).

My pawn, my knight, my rook, my bishop... and my queen were taken away. But... there's still time... for a checkmate.
--Fullmetal Alchemist (Colonel Mustang; Ch. 62).