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X-Men: Evolution.

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Todd: Did we win?
Pietro: Psh, yeah. Haven't you learned anything?
Todd: Oh yeah, we never win.
--X-men: Evolution (Todd & Pietro; Ascension II).

As you say in America, Neener, neener, neener!
--X-men: Evolution (Kurt to Todd; Strategy X).

Oops. Heh heh sorry. Next time I'll honk before I 'port.
--X-men: Evolution (Kurt to Kitty; Rogue Recruit).

Come on Kitty, okay, what would Wolverine do? I mean besides dice up, like half the landscape?
--X-men: Evolution (Kitty; Rogue Recruit).

Scott: Go to Duncan Matthews' party? Nah, I don't think so. Matthews is a jerk.
Kitty: No he's not. I'd go.
Scott: No freshmen allowed.
Kitty: Oh. Matthews is a jerk.
--X-men: Evolution (Scott & Kitty; Middleverse).

Kurt: Hey! Chicks dig the fuzzy dude. Right?
Kitty: I'm like so out of here. Later.
Kurt: Oh yeah. She can't resist.
--X-men: Evolution (Kurt & Kitty; Middleverse).

Kitty: Can you transport us to the ground?
Kurt: Yeah, right. Picture this: bumpety, bumpety, bumpety, bumpety, SPLAT!
--X-men: Evolution (Kitty & Kurt; Grim Reminder).

Xavier: Ahh.. To be young again.
Logan: Yeah, glad that's over.
--X-men: Evolution (Professor X & Logan; On Angel's Wings).

Kurt: Blue boy to tracker 1... can you read me? The pigeons are leaving the roost.
Scott: Kurt I'm right here. Why are you talking like that?
--X-men: Evolution (Kurt & Scott; Walk on the Wild Side).

Freddie: We don't go anywhere we ain't wanted.
Toad: Since when?
--X-men: Evolution (Fred & Todd; Mainstream).

Kid: Hey, what's your special power? Can you, like, read my mind?
Rogue: Yeah, like I could find it.
--X-men: Evolution (Rogue & some kid at school; Mainstream).

Scott: Logan, have you ever... you know... really cared for someone? I mean, you felt it so strong you couldn't even get the words out?
Logan: Yeah, once. Most beautiful bike I ever saw. I was so speechless someone else bought her.
--X-men: Evolution (Scott & Logan; Blind Alley).

Kurt: Jean darling, please accept this croissant as a symbol of my love.
Kitty: Oh Scott, you have such a way with pastry.
--X-men: Evolution (Kurt & Kitty mocking Jean & Scott; Cruise Control).

Toad: Never fear people, the Brotherhood has arrived. We'll stop that runaway train.
Bystander: Yeah, but what about the other train?
Quicksilver: Uh... What other train?
Bystander: Radio says one's coming the other way carrying eight tankers of gasoline.
--X-men: Evolution (Todd, Pietro & some bystander; No Good Deed).

Xavier: Significance?
Beast: We scientist have a special term for that called 'I don't know'. I expect we'll learn the hard way.
--X-men: Evolution (Xavier & Hank; Uprising).

What's a mutant?
--X-men: Evolution (Some farmer; Uprising).

Todd: Whoa! What are you, some kind of ratty plush toy?
Kurt: The name's Nightcrawler, and at least I don't reek like unwashed lederhosen.
--X-men: Evolution (Kurt & Todd meet for the first time; Strategy X).

I'm gonna rip that pointy tail off, ya fuzzy gecko!
--X-men: Evolution (Todd chases Kurt; Strategy X).

Come here, Wookiee boy! Come on, come over here, don't make me come up there, don't make me, oh, now you're starting to tick me off...
--X-men: Evolution (Todd tries to get Kurt to come out of his hiding place; Strategy X).

I came back 'cause I smelled trouble brewing. (Glances at Toad) Of course, maybe it was just stink-boy there...
--X-men: Evolution (Logan explains his presence back at the mansion; Strategy X).

Sabretooth: One shall fall by the other's hand. It's our destiny, and we can't change it.
Logan: I didn't know you went for that philosophy mumbo-jumbo!
Scott (Coming in to help Logan): Hey, hairball! I got your destiny right here!
--X-men: Evolution (Sabretooth, Logan & Scott talk philosophy; X Impulse).

Logan: I don't fight your battles. So don't fight mine. (Storms off).
Kurt (to Scott): Ahh, he loves us.
Scott: Oh yeah, big time.
--X-men: Evolution (Logan loves his ickle students!; X Impulse).

Logan: Hey, when I give a demo, I give a demo.
Scott: A demo, as in 'demolish,' or 'demonstration'?
--X-men: Evolution (Logan & Scott talk semantics; Rogue Recruit).

Logan: The vents were easily breached; gonna have to fix that. Maybe electrifiers, or poison gas sprayers.
Ororo: Wolverine...
Logan: Alright, alright... knockout gas, then.
--X-men: Evolution (Storm keeps Wolverine's killer instinct in check; Rogue Recruit).

Scott: Nice job, Kurt. You'll make a pilot, yet.
Kurt: Thanks! (Starts piloting with his feet).
Scott: ...or maybe not.
--X-men: Evolution (Scott lets Kurt have a go at the controls; Rogue Recruit).

Logan (to Kurt, about Kitty): ...and keep an eye on the half-pint here.
Kitty: Hey!
--X-men: Evolution (Logan leaves Kurt in charge; Rogue Recruit).

This is my fault. I should never have left the little squirrel in charge!
--X-men: Evolution (Logan about Kurt; Rogue Recruit).

Kitty (after Kurt wakes up): Kurt! You're alright! (Hugs him). Easy, you fuzzy elf. Everything is going to be just fine.
Scott (whispering): 'Fuzzy elf'?
--X-men: Evolution (Kitty is glad Kurt is okay; Rogue Recruit).

Kurt (teleporting in between Scott & Rogue in the middle of the rehearsal for a play): Whoa! Er... Tender moment here? Sorry to interrupt.
Rogue: I swear, he's like a... an annoying little brother!
--X-men: Evolution (Destiny's funny that way; Mutant Crush).

Scott (about destroying Forge's projector): Step back. This is going to be messy.
Kitty: You know, I could just, like, phase through it and short it out quietly? (Scott and Evan look at her blankly). Oh, right. Forget I mentioned it. (To Jean). Like, what is it with guys and explosions anyway?
--X-men: Evolution (Men!; Middleverse).

I swear, that homie's lingo is so whack.
--X-men: Evolution (Kurt about Forge; Middleverse).

I'm about to feel really big and stupid, if you know what I mean.
--X-men: Evolution (Rogue, as she prepares to absorb Blob's powers; Growing Pains).

Tabitha: Hey, cutie!
Kurt: Hi. I have to know: are you insane?
--X-men: Evolution (Kurt's so charming...; Bada-Bing Bada-Boom!).

Tabitha: "Nightcrawler", huh? That name's just not working for you, I'm sorry. Whoa! How about 'Wild Blue Yonder Boy'?
Kurt: You are insane.
--X-men: Evolution (Tabitha's own kind of flirting; Bada-Bing Bada-Boom!).

Great! I take a shower once a month, and I still get no privacy!
--X-men: Evolution (Todd as Tabitha barges into the bathroom without knocking; Walk On The Wild Side).

Well, I'd say they were pretty hostile. Wouldn't you?
--X-men: Evolution (Logan to Kurt after they escape from a pack of vicious reptilian demons from the 'bamf' dimension; Shadow Dance).

You know, blue really is my favorite color.
--X-men: Evolution (Amanda to Kurt after he reveals his true form; Shadow Dance).

Kitty: How much do you know about the Redwoods?
Bobby: Only that they make great hot tubs.
--X-men: Evolution (Kitty and Bobby talk Mother Nature; Retreat).

Evan: Aw, come on, teach! Can't I do my studying somewhere else! Like going to the park! There's green stuff there! (Beast looms in on Spyke in a mock-threatening way, cornering him by the door) ...do these forests have sidewalks?
--X-men: Evolution (Beast gives Evan no choice but to go on their trip to Redwood Forest; Retreat).

Rahne: It was plenty camouflaged!
Roberto: A few more branches couldn't hurt.
Rahne: I smell overachiever issues.
--X-men: Evolution (After Rahne is done covering the X-Jet in an ample amount of branches; Retreat).

Rahne: You'll bring back ten.
Roberto: You see, the first five are like a cake; the rest are like the icing. And I love icing.
Rahne: I thought you were putting on a little weight.
--X-men: Evolution (Rahne teases Roberto about being an overachiever when Beast assigns them to bring back five different types of rocks each; Retreat).

...Is he wearing trunks?
--X-men: Evolution (A Bigfoot fanatic confuses Beast with his target; Retreat).

Tabitha: Let me guess: you must be Mystic.
Mystique: Try Mystique. This is my home, and my rules. Rule Number One: Move out of my room. Think you can handle that, Bam-Bam?
--X-men: Evolution (Tabitha & Mystique have a bit of a turf war; Hex Factor).

Todd (to Pietro, about Wanda): Ex-girlfriend?
Pietro: Worse! She's my sister!
--X-men: Evolution (Wanda goes nuts after seeing Pietro and starts attacking everyone; Hex Factor).

Room's all yours, Mys-tique!
--X-men: Evolution (Tabitha, after blowing up Mystique's room as she left it; Hex Factor).

Kitty: ...So? What does it need?
Kurt: Something to wash out the taste.
--X-men: Evolution (Kitty gets Kurt to taste one of the muffins she made for Home Ec. class; Hex Factor).

Oooh, beautiful and bad.
--X-men: Evolution (Todd, as Wanda hexes the troops that were pursuing them; Day of Recovery).

Just the type of girl that makes a guy want to... brush his teeth.
--X-men: Evolution (Todd about Wanda; Day of Recovery).

I'm not that fat!
--X-men: Evolution (Rogue's reaction to being revealed as a mutant in national television; The Stuff of Heroes).

Do you mind? You're in my personal space!
--X-men: Evolution (Kurt to Kitty as she phases through him to get a better view of the TV; The Stuff Of Heroes).

Kurt: Hi! I'm Nightcrawler, and this is Shadowcat.
Kitty: And this is your weapons system. (Phases through the controls, short-circuiting them).
--X-men: Evolution (Kurt & Kitty teleport inside a helicopter to bring it down; The Stuff Of Heroes).

Pietro (hides in the closet as Wanda storms in): Tell her I'm not here!
Wanda: Where is he?!
Todd: He's not here... he's in the closet.
--X-men: Evolution (Pietro is scared of his widdle sister; The Toad, the Witch and the Wardrobe).

EW! I touched soap!
--X-men: Evolution (Todd, as he accidentally slips into the Sefton's sink; The Toad, The Witch And The Wardrobe).

Hey! Accidents happen. Like, if I 'accidentally' dropped this, it will 'accidentally' burn a hole right through your car.
--X-men: Evolution (Amara to Duncan, as he threatens Sam; Uprising).

Logan (grabbing John by the neck of his uniform): Where's your buddies?!
St. John: Since Magneto's gone, Colossus bailed and went back to Russia, Sabretooth's out playing with a big ball of yarn somewhere, and Gambit didn't leave a note on the fridge.
--X-men: Evolution (Logan is looking for Gambit, to rescue Rogue; Cajun Spice).

Remy: Pull me in, or I blow this boxcar off the tracks.
Rogue (pulling him in): You're just crazy enough to do it.
Remy: We do what we have to, right, cherie?
--X-men: Evolution (Rogue & Remy make their points clear; Cajun Spice).

Remy: I'm not afraid. Go ahead: absorb my thoughts. See for yourself that I mean you no harm.
Rogue: Like I want you inside my head.
--X-men: Evolution (Remy & Rogue; Cajun Spice).

Remy: So, what now?
Rogue: I'm going back with the X-Men. I don't care what you do.
Remy: Sure, you don't.
--X-men: Evolution (Remy and Rogue part ways; Cajun Spice).