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Rahne: So Mr. Wisdom lent you some clothes?
Doug: Yes, Mr. Wisdom claims to have fifteen sets of clothing that are all exactly the same. He's also offered to teach me how to smoke, drink, and say disgusting things.
Rahne: Mr. Wisdom is certainly a very... generous man.
--Excalibur (Douglock and Rahne).

Emma: This, children, is Kitty Pryde, who apparently feels the need to make a grand entrance. So gushingly glad you could join us.
Kitty: I'm sorry, I was too busy remembering to put on all my clothes.
--Astonishing X-men (Kitty comments on Emma Frost's attire, or lack thereof; Issue #1).

Next time, guys... we should just rebuild this place outta lego.
--Astonishing X-men (Logan, as the jet crashes into the Institute... again; Issue #9).